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Company Profile

No description

Aim High

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Company Profile

Company Profile

Aim High Educational Services

Brand Recall: Usage of study material is a necessity for student community and ads placed on them have a very high recall . Unlike other media, ads here last for a period of 12 months

Niche Targeting: Convey your brand message to your TG effortlessly and uplift sales

Interactive: Unlike other media, E-books allow brands to interact with their prospects and check responses for their call-for-action. Includes linking to external sites and ability to display video ads on opening a page in the E-book!

Affordability: Ad costs for e-books published by us are relatively much lower than any other media

Breaking the clutter: We allow a maximum of 10% ad limit per E-book. This allows our partners a clutter-free reach. We also ensure no two competitors‘ ads are placed in the same E-book !

Flexibility: All our partners have the flexibility to change their ad artwork/video once every 3 months during the contract period without any additional cost. In case, partners wish to upgrade a half- page ad to a full-page/video ad, rates would be charged and adjusted on a pro-rata basis

Dedicated Online Presence: All our partners get a dedicated partner page under ‘Esteemed Partners’ section on our website during the contract period. Partners can provide upto 2 HD Videos + 4 Images + 1 Product brochure for the partner page without any additional cost.

Why advertise with us?

We, at Aim High, are a bunch of dynamic people passionate about making higher education accessible and fun!

Aim High is a first-of-its-kind educational services firm, which aims at providing free study material to students in India. For this, we have partnered with leading professors and educationists from prestigious institutions to develop high – quality and relevant material.

Our current portfolio consists of free E-books (Solved Question Papers) for 1st Year Engineering students in Karnataka. Our vision is to expand our portfolio to Pre-University, Engineering and Management education across all the states in India by end of 2014.

About Us

Company Profile

Aim High Educational Services

Ad Rate includes:
Cost per ad in one e-book for 12 months period
Dedicated page in e-book (No other advertisement appears in that page)
Exclusivity: No other competitor’s advertisement to be placed in the same e-book
Image advertisement linking to Advertiser’s external link
Dedicated partner page on our website for 1 year ( Videos, Images, Brochures all included)
Monthly e-mailers and marketing communication sent to the students
Social media communication across Facebook , Twitter and Pinterest

Demographics : Engineering college students in Karnataka (aged b/w 18-20 years )
Potential reach : ~ 96,000 students (for 2013-14)
Payment Terms: 100% on the date of signing the agreement

Advertisement Rate Card

Khaleel Khan
Aim High Educational Services

Call Us: +91 8861004306
Email Us: khaleel@aimhigh.in
Website: www.aimhigh.in

Let’s Talk

Aim High finances all the e-study material with a low number of high quality advertisements

The advertisements are mostly by future employers and youth-centric brands targeting college students!

We have set a 10% advertising limit per E-book. This limit has been set together with professors and student forums in order to ensure the whole experience is in line with the high quality of our study material.

Some of our esteemed partners who have signed up with us to make this dream a reality:

How do we make this possible?
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