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Milton Glaser

No description

Marc Vila

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Milton Glaser

Joan Muntada
Lluís Tous
Marc Vila 26 de juny de 1929,
Nova York Push Pin
Studios º 1954 1968 Milton
Glaser, Inc. 1974 WBMG 1983 Walter Bernard
Milton Glaser Tipografies "You can only work for the people that you like" "If you have a choice never have a job" "Some people are toxic avoid them" "Professionalism is not enough" "Less is not necessarily more" "Style is not to be trusted" "How you live changes your brain" "Doubt is better than certainty" "Ageing gracefully" "Tell the truth" Milton Glaser's Decalogue Influències "La obra que más me ha influido
por sí sola es una serie de toros
de Picasso, que, partiendo de una
imagen realista, evoluciona hasta
la abstracción total"
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