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The Outsiders!!(:

Made by: Madi, Kaycee, and Ashley

Ashley Joss

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of The Outsiders!!(:

The Outsiders Gang Steve Randal Ponyboy Curtis is the brother of Darry
and Sodapop Curtis. His parents are dead
and Darry is his guardian. Ponyboy faces challenges throughout the entire outsiders book both internal and external. His Internal challenges included dealing with death multiple times, dealing with being wanted for murder, and even so extreme as seeing that the Socs are not so different from himself. The most major conflict that Ponyboy had to deal with was that a lot of people around him were dying or dead. Before the book even started Ponyboy's parents were already dead from a car accident and he had trouble dealing with this throughout the entire book. Ponyboy also had to deal with Johnny his best friend in the gang whom he was very close with die, saving others. As a chain reaction Dally killed himself shortly after this happened. ~Pony had to deal with the fact his parents are dead
~He also had to deal with Johnny dying in the book.
~Dally killed himself after Johnny died.
~Being a murder accomplice.
~Running away from the crime scene with Johnny.
~The fear of being taken away from his two brothers Soda, and Darry. Darry is the eldest of the Curtis boys and ever since the tragic death of his parents he had to take the initiative to be the "parent" of his two younger brothers. He roofs houses to pay the bills, he is very strict with Ponyboy, wanting him to be able to go to college - something he was never able to do even with the athletic scholarship he earned. So as you can tell Darry probably always has a lot on his mind and that he has quite a few challenges that are indeed both internal and external. *Being jumped by the Socs where ever Pony would go.
*Beaten up by the Socs, which could mean minimal pain; cuts and bruises or much more severe pain; the Socs drowning him, or finding ways to seriously hurt him.
*Pain before a rumble; before the only rumble in the book he had a severe headache but went anyway causing him to get a concussion.
*Trying to heal the minor concussion that Pony did get after that rumble. All these conflicts changed Ponyboy in a positive way. -Learning to let go of those that he lost, and move on with his life in a manner, in which all those lost could and would be very proud of him.
-Learning violence does not solve all your problems. -Working hard to be able to stay with his brothers Darry and Sodapop
-To be stronger and not let other walk over him, and he needs to take care of himself better and not just let pain go away unnoticed. Johnny Cade, unlike a lot of other young boys, calls his family the greasers. He is hit and beat everyday by his father and his mother doesn't care enough to stop it. The only thing that kept him alive was his gang. They are The Greasers. Johnny went through a lot in his short sixteen-years of life. In some ways it was too long to have been tortured, jumped, and beaten on on by the Soc's let alone his father. Everyone goes through troubles in their life and many say that every child goes through the same basic problems. Those people are wrong. Each individual goes through something different that makes them, them. Ponyboy Curtis Johnny Cade Darry Curtis Dallas Winston Cherry is a Soc who lives on the west side of Tulsa. She was dating Robert Sheldon *Darry has to live with the fact that if he or his brothers mess up that the two younger boys could be put in a home and then they would all be seperated.
*He has to lives with knowing that his parents are dead and that is Sodapop and Ponyboys only real family left.
*Darry also deals with the fact that he could have gone off to college, gotten out of the rough side of town and made something of his self but that he choose to stay and take care of his brothers.
In the book the Outsiders, there are multiple characters, but the main character is Ponyboy Curtis. He has two brother Darry and Sodapop Curtis. There parents died so Darry is both Soda's and pony's legal guardian they are part of the "Greasers" a gang on the East side of Tulsa Oklahoma. In this gang there are Two-Bit, Johnny Cade, Dally Winston, and Steve Randle. This was the Gang a tightly knit group of friends. Their rivals were the Socs and they had quite a bit of differences. Throughout the entire story. THE OUTSIDERS Johnny had to live with being beat everyday by his father
His mother never cared where he was or when he was gone
He had to live with being a murderer
His only family were the greasers.
He had to run and hide after killing Bob Sheldon
He was jumped by the soc's Through out this book almost every character changed at least a little bit. They all learned and grew individually, and we go to know each character on a personal level. The overall theme of the Outsiders in our groups opinion was choices. Each member made a conscious choice to end up where they were. For Johnny his last choice was a heroic one, but for Dally it was just a sudden impulse choice that ended his life. For Ponyboy it was his choice to stay out of trouble and to stay with his brothers. For Darry it was to become Soda's and Pony's legal guardian. All these choices have consequences good and bad. All the choices you make lead you to were you are going to go in life and if your going to be happy or not. So make the very best choices you can, it will benefit you in the long run. Through all his troubles, Johnny learned to be tough and pick himself up when he was down.
He learned that no matter how bad it was, keep going.
In some ways, Johnny was a hero, in others, someone not to look up to.
Johnny learned who his true family was, the greasers. Dallas Winston or Dally for short, lives in a rough neighborhood. It's not like the ones we call home now. He crashes where ever he can and doesn't really have a stable home, he just floats to his employers house, or somebody else's couch. He's the bad boy of the gang constantly getting arrested, or in some kind of trouble. Dally's not afraid to back down from a challenge and is the tough guy on the block. The Characters conflicts relate to our current society in some ways and not at all in others. There are divisions in groups like the Socs and the Greasers, just like there are today. Different groups are divided but there is not really a rivalry between groups just dislike between certain people in each group. There are fights now just like there were back then. But you don't hear about people getting jumped that much like you do in the story. Differences are the hair and clothing from their society to ours, we don't wear our hair like they do and we don't wear leather jackets like they do anymore. So there are appearance differences and physical differences between our society and theirs. *Darry deals with the fact that he slapped Ponyboy and that Ponyboy could have been the one that was running from the law.
*He also works very hard carrying heavy roofing which isn't good for him.
*When Darry gets a black eye at the Rumble. Both Darry's internal and external challeges in a genuine way.
* He started showing that he cared for Ponyboy more since he slapped Ponyboy and when he ran away but when Pony came back he showed him that he cared for him all along.
*He learned that he needed to show Pony that he cared for him so Pony didn't think that Darry didn't care when he actually did.
* Dally went through many obstacles and challenges in his life. Many of which were external.
Dally had been fought many times and was known as one of the meaner ones of the greasers
He was burned in the church fire trying to save Johnny
In the end, Dallas was shot down by police

Dally had gone to jail and stated that it "hardened him"
Dally watched Johnny, his little brother figure, die in the hospital bed
He also lived with the fact that he had killed people and helped people get away that had committed murder.
Dally dealt with Johnny dying and made the choice that he couldn't handle life without Johnny so he got himself killed.
The changes that Dally had gone through from him internal and external conflicts were hardening and tough, something weak people could definitely not go through. He was constantly in and out of jail when anything went wrong in Tulsa. He always seemed to have a connection to the crime that was just committed. From all of Dally's conflicts and choices he made his life a lot harder than it need to be. When Dally finally died it was not because he was ready, it was not because God decided it was his time. It was a because of a irrational decision in the blink of an eye. He did something stupid just because his friend died, he wanted to die too. There is something we can all learn from this. Just when we think out world is over. It does not mean do anything stupid or irrational give it some time and eventually you will feel better and everything will be going great again. MADE BY: Ashley Joss

Madi Jaremko

Kaycee Nicoll
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