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My Portfolio By: Janie Kempf

No description

Janie Kempf

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of My Portfolio By: Janie Kempf

My Portfolio Exploratory 8
Technology Janie Kempf 11/02/12 8th Grade Google Chrome
Google Docs (Spreadsheets) I used... Layers Project Description: In this assignment, the goal was to create a landscape or a scene using Photoshop. We also wanted to use as many layers as we could. Using more layers makes the editing easier. Goal: The main lesson that Mr. Phan taught us was how to use more tools and that the more layers that you use the easier it is. If you use more layers
to draw the landscape it is a lot easier to edit each layer. If you needed to erase something and you only have one layer, you would erase all of the layers instead of just the part that you wanted. Procedure 1. I opened Photoshop and I created a new canvas by clicking on file and then selecting new. Then I made the canvas 1000 pixels by 700 pixels. 2. Then I had to unlock the background layer. I did this by double clicking the lock button next to the background. Anytime that you open or create a new Layers Project, you have to unlock the background. 3. After I unlocked the background layer I created a new layer that was transparent or clear. On that layer I painted with the brush and on the properties bar I changed the hardness and size and type of the brush and I painted the blue for the ocean. 4. After I made the ocean, I had to make a new layer to paint the seaweed. I painted the seaweed with a special brush from the properties bar. 5. Then I had to choose the color of the seaweed with the color picker. I chose green, then I dragged the brush across the screen to create seaweed. 6. Next I had to draw fish and animals, to make each animal I made a new layer so that it was easier to edit. 7. If I make a mistake in Photoshop, I am not supposed to click edit and then undo. I am supposed to click edit and then step backwards. Compostite Project Description: In this project, we had to make Composite Projects. We used different tools and pictures to create the assignment. Mr. Phan showed us how to use the tools and the program and then we used examples and created more projects. Goal: The goal for this assignment was to create two Photoshop projects, using different tools and effects. We posted the projects on Schoology and commented on different pictures. I learned that you always have to unlock the background and that Photoshop is a fun way to create funny images. Mr. Phan wanted us to do this assignment so that we could learn more about Photoshop. Procedure 1. First I had to choose at least two pictures that I would use for the assignment. I had to choose the background and the picture(s) that I will add in. 2. I had to drag the pictures into Photoshop (without opening Photoshop) and then the software opens on its own. 3. Next I had to unlock the background layers of BOTH pictures. 4. Next I had to start erasing around the added picture with the sharp eraser. If I wanted to blend the picture into the background, I would use the soft eraser in the properties bar. 5. I used the magic wand a few times to make the erasing go faster. After I selected a spot I had to click delete. 6. After I erased enough I used the move tool to move the added picture to the background picture. 7. If I need to deselect a selected area I can click Command + D to deselect.
8. Sometimes I erased an area that I didn’t mean to erase. All I had to do was hold option and then erase. This brought the picture back where I dragged over it. 7. 8. 10. To resize or rotate an object I had to click Command + T. After I rotate or resize the picture the way that I wanted it, I have to click on the checkmark in the top right corner.
11. When I was resizing the image, I held shift to keep the picture at a good size without pixels. Desaturation Project Description: For this assignment, we took a picture from Google Chrome then changed the main color. I had to try to choose a picture with vibrant colors. Goal: Mr. Phan had us do this assignment so that we could learn how to take the color out of an image. The point to learning this assignment was to use more tools and especially learn how to use the Masking Tool. We learned all of the different tools and also how to take the color out of an image. Procedure 1. First I chose a picture off of Google Chrome with a lot of vibrant colors. For my first project, I chose a clownfish. 2. The clownfish had bright colors so that is why I chose him. After I chose the picture, I dragged it into Photoshop so that I could take out the color of the background. 3. After I unlocked the background, I had to copy the background layer with the fish.
I did this by dragging the picture onto the new layer icon. 4. When I copied the layer I had to select Desaturate. 5. Then I made a mask over my picture with the masking tool. 6. Then if the mask was white I used a black paintbrush but if the mask was black I used a white paintbrush to paint over the area that I wanted the color back. Color Change Project Procedure Description: The assignment of this project we had to choose two images and change the color of both of them. We used the gradient tool for a fun color change. We also learned how to change the hue of the picture with the blending modes. Goal: Mr. Phan had us do this assignment so that we could learn how to change the hue and color of an image. The point of this assignment was to choose one image and change the color of the main object in the picture. We learned how to use all of the different tools for gradient and the blending tools. 1. First I chose a picture off of Google Chrome. I chose a car for my first project. 2. After I chose the picture, I dragged the image into Photoshop. I had to unlock the background first. 3. The next thing I did was choose a color that I wanted to color the car. (I chose pink.) When I knew what color I wanted to have, I colored over the car with the paintbrush. 4. To change the color of the car, I had to go over to where the layers are and I clicked on normal and then went down to hue. 5. The program colored everything that I colored over so I had to erase a few extra pink marks. I also had to erase the pink off of the BMW decal so that it would look more realistic and turn back to blue. 6. After I erased all of the extra color, I saved the picture and my project is complete. Thank you Mr.Phan!
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