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Early Filipino : Religious/Belief Systems

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John Niko Colendra

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Early Filipino : Religious/Belief Systems

Religious belief system Early Filipinos Worship When they return from a good hunt they would incur a feast to make libation to their dead ancestor and families, for they believe that every good thing they receive came from their ancestors. Even though Filipinos didn’t have a sophisticated form of letters or government, they have “worship”, since missionaries on the island of Mindoro found the Mangyans performing their religious rites. Hunting and Feasts Deities Each town has a god of its own, generally called diuata, with specific name per town, people sacrifice pigs to these gods, priests called baylanes are able to converse with their gods. The baylan plays a large reed pipe for this is how they speak with their gods, while this is being done he kills the pig with a lance. With women ringing bells and drums, striking pieces of porcelains with sticks. When the pig has been killed, they consume all of it. Bathala In earlier times, Moros adorned a god known as Batula, for he was the lord of all and Batula had many ministers or anitos, whom he sent to this world to do his bidding. They believed in life after death and will live another life in a much better state. Death They believed that their souls go down because it is much cooler down than up, where they are buried with their riches, their clothing, gold, porcelain, the chiefs cause slaves to be killed and buried with them that they might serve in the life beyond. So with a seaman who dies will be buried in a ship he sailed in, with many slaves on the oars, in order that over there he might have servants to go out to the sea. Spirits For early Filipinos, hills, fields, and streams were
full of spirits more powerful than men. Some good and some were evil, but all needed to be worshiped and appeased. Animism A Concept where as every object in the world are
inhabited by spirits, a belief present even in
organized religions, especially to the Filipinos By John Niko Colendra
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