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Interactive Student Notebook


Shawn Saylor

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Interactive Student Notebook

"Hi, my name is Evan.
I am a typical student in Mrs. Saylor's 6th grade
Pre-Algebra class. I never know where my notes and homework are... So....how will this notebook thingy help me? Interactive
Notebook by: Shawn Saylor Uh, I think that paper is here, somewhere... Does this mess look familiar? I can't find my homework.... Maybe I recycled my notes? the ISN can help! Interactive Student Notebook The ISN is set up
using left & right sides an ISN is... I can become a good
note taker!

I can create a personalized
tool to help me learn!

I can be organized! Teacher side Student side I could make an ISN for

English Social Studies Science “Can anyone tell me how this strategy might help you in another class?” Translating Word Problems: Examples 8 + y = 15 the sum of eight and y is fifteen x – 4 = 8 four less than x equals eight "Less than" is backwards in the math from how you say it in words! x multiplied by thirteen is 169 13x = 169 Expression Math in words 156 is the quotient of x and three 156 = x/3 -21 = 5 – y negative twenty-one is the difference of five and y much more than your average notebook! Student side Teacher side References Wikispaces. (2013). Interactive Student Notebook. Retrieved from http://interactive-notebooks.wikispaces.com/ Stapel, Elizabeth. "Translating Word Problems: Examples." Purplemath. Available from http://www.purplemath.com/modules/translat2.htm Accessed 12 March 2013
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