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The Great Quarterback Switch

No description

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of The Great Quarterback Switch

The Great Quarterback Switch
By Matt Christopher
It takes place on the football field and at there house. It takes place in fall on the football field. one character is Micheal he got hit by a car and can not play football any more. His brother took his places out on the field. Micheal wants to play football but he cant so he wants to trade places with his brother
Micheal got hit by a car and he wants to play football but he cant. He wants to play in his brothers foot steps. He knew what plays that his brother is going to run because he reads his brothers mind. He wants to trade with his brother. He is a good team mate and he helps his team mates out.
Micheal and his brother tom get to trade places. Micheal gets an interception and then scores a touchdown. He wants to play more often. He also wants to help his team out. He knew all of the plays.
He talks about the way that he is going to play more in the next football game. He also talks about how they want to have tec what is what they end up having in the end of the story.
Rising action
To show that u can always over come the something or the problem that u are having and why you are having it
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