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The Seigneurial System

By: Matthew, Maria, Ruchira, Anushka, Aydan, Aarish

Matthew Yen

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of The Seigneurial System

Were required to give a portion of their production to pay rent to seigneurs
If they sold the land outside of their family, they were required to give the seigneur owner a part of the money
Has to work for seigneur 3 or 4 days a year without pay
The Seigneurial System
What is the Seigneurial system?

Roles in the System

Pros of Seigneurial System
Advantages for king:
- Expand Colonies
-Acquire furs
Advantages for Seigneur
- Gets free labour (from habitants) and tax income from habitants
-Honoured position
-Granted lots of land from king
Advantages for Habitants:
-Gets a farm to live on (basic needs)

By: Matthew, Ruchira, Maria
Anushka, Aarish and Aydan

Cons of Seigneurs
Strip Farms
- St. Lawrence river was their main transportation
- Strip farms along the bank
- Water streams coming from the main river
- Main water source
What are Strip Farms
- Seigneuries (land) given by the King
- Closest to water = Good
- Seigneurs had Habitants to farm for them
- The land was subdivided
- Another row of Seigneuries
- It is now a main part of New France
St. Lawrence
Seigneur and Habitant
Can have their land taken away if they don’t fulfill their responsibilities.
Seigneur has to build a mill, wine press and oven
Have to pay part of the cost of a church and find a priest
Was required to give farm to families (the inhabitants) and the rest of the land to settle on
Cons of Habitants
-men who is in King’s favor
-supporters or soldiers of France’s King
-King rewarded by granting them with seigneuries (large areas of land)
To the Conclusion!
What was the structure of the seigneural system? how do the duties of the habitant compare to the duties of a seigneur?
Pros and Cons of Strip Farms
Land was kept near a river
Access to water was significant because roads had not been built
Shaped like strips because they wanted as many families as possible to have access to water, and this shape allowed them to do so
Water had several purposes
(presented by Anushka! :D)
What is the job of a habitant?
Farms became even more narrow
when they were divided among sons
They were only allowed a maximum of
3 sons as the farms become too narrow
-build a house on farm
-pay the seigneur
-work on land 3 or 4 times a year
-clear land
-give money to church each year
Seigneurial System was a...
- French Feudal System
- Three main parts, the King, the seigneur and the Habitants
- Seigneurs were responsible of keeping the seigneury company and managing the land for the Habitants to use.
- Habitants were the workers of the seigneury.
- Equivalent Positive and Negative aspects
A brief summary of what a seigneurial system is. It’s basically a system in New France where people were given different pieces of land by the king. There are 4 major parts in the seigneurial system, the Seigneurs, strip farms, responsibility of the seigneurs and responsibility of the habitants. They will all be presented in this presentation. Along with that, we will be presenting some of the positive and negative effects of it. So sit tight and enjoy!
Roles of the Seigneur
Major Roles
- Keep Seigneury Company
- Gather Habitants
- Report for the intendant
- Establish settlements for Seigneury
- Manage the population
- Provide the seigneury a local court
- Responsible of roads, walkways, bridges, mill, bake- ovens and other required facilities
- Pay for budgets (building Churches and hiring Priests)
- To subdivide the land into 32 hectares
Cons of the Seigneural System
Roles with the Seigneury
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