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The Death of Siegfried

No description

Vee Jay Javier

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of The Death of Siegfried

The Death of Siegfried
kinsfolk-a group of people related by blood
hastened-be quick to do something
ravine-deep, narrow gorge with steep sides
quiver-slight trembling movement or sound, esp. one caused by a sudden strong emotion: "a quiver of fear".
contrive-manage to do something foolish or create an undesirable situation
nimble-quick and light movements
Hagen invites Siegfried to go hunting the next day. When he has agreed, Hagen gives strict instructions to the cook: for breakfast, he is to serve very salty meat with too little wine. The saltiest piece of meat is to go to Siegfried.
The next day, after breakfast has been served according to Hagen's orders, the hunting party sets out. After having hunted a boar for a while, everyone (especially Siegfried) is thirsty. Hagen knows a little brook in the neighbourhood and leads the party there. Hagen and Gunther drink, followed by Siegfried. When Siegfried is lying on his back, Hagen plants his spear into Siegfried's back. Siegfried says: "In a fair fight, I would have killed the four of you!" and dies.
In Nibelungenleid, Siegfried is still married to Grimhild, sister of Hagen and king Gunther. Gunther is married to Brunhild.
One day, Brunhild walks into the women quarters, only to see Grimhild occupy her throne. Enraged, Brunhild immediately demands Grimhild to step down from the throne that is rightfully hers. Grimhild answers that her mother before her has occupied this throne.
They start a serious shouting match, each insulting the other. Grimhild asks Brunhild who has been her first man. Brunhild answers it was Gunther. Then Grimhild triumphantly produces the ring Siegfried has taken from Brunhild in the bridal night! She tells Brunhild that Siegfried has told her all about that first night, and has given her the ring. Brunhild runs away crying.
Outside, she meets Hagen, Gunther and Gernot. She tells them what has happened and they (mainly Hagen) immediately decide Siegfried has to die. Hagen tells Brunhild not to worry: her honour shall be avenged.
At home, Grimhild lies abed in her little room. The door is kicked open and Hagen throws Siegfried's body into her bed. Grimhild starts crying and accuses Hagen of murder. Hagen states that a wild boar has killed Siegfried during the hunt. Grimhild cries that she knows fully well he has been that boar. Hagen does not deny it.
Reported by: Vanessa Joyce D. Javier
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