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Read Around the Text

No description

Sarah Sterling

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Read Around the Text

Learning Target Read Around the Text What ideas are being presented with the pictures in the article?

What do the pictures tell you about the article?

What information can you get from the pictures? Pictures Read the captions.

What do the captions tell you?

Do the captions clarify any confusion? Captions What information is being presented in the maps, charts, and graphs?

Is the information important to the article?

How does this information help you preview the article? Maps, Charts, Graphs What is the title of the article?

What headings do you see within the article?

What's the "big idea" of the article? Titles and Headings Read the first and last lines of each paragraph for more information.

How may this help you prepare to read the article? Read First and Last Lines of Each Paragraph What is your purpose for reading the text?

How might questioning the text contribute to your learning and understanding?

Considering the topic of the article and the information you have learned to so far, what kind of questions should you ask of the text (who, what, where, when, why, how)? Ask Questions The students will be able to effectively preview a nonfiction and/or informational text by paying close attention to text features such as pictures, captions, data, titles, headings, and asking questions of the text.
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