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The Barcode Tattoo

No description

Nicolette Medeiros

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of The Barcode Tattoo

Characters Kayla Reed:
A 17 year old girl. Kayla has been a normal teenager, that is, until she refuses to get the bar code tattoo and she becomes a fugitive for supposedly killing her mother by burning her house down. Kayla becomes a member of Decode. She is also the Main character. The Bar Code Tattoo By: Suzanne Weyn Plot or Summary Kayla is a normal girl she lives a normal life. She goes to Winfry High school. One day she goes to the guidance counselor to talk about a scholarship to an art school but once he tells her she cant be and artist because she has low computer skills. Kayla goes out of his office and sits on the stairs and meets Mfumbe Taylor. That day Kayla finds out her best friend Amber Thorne has gotten the Bar code Tattoo. Kayla runs home to find a bunch of people in front of her yard. She pushes through and finds out that her father has died. To Kayla almost everything went wrong that day. Kayla's mother told her that The Bar Code Tattoo killed her father so Kayla goes to her neighbor Gene Drake for information because he works at the post office where they give out the Tattoo's . On Kayla's seventeenth birthday Amber takes Kayla to go get the Bar code but they start approaching and her gunshots in the building because Gene Drake tried to destroy the machine and the officers had to shoot him. Kayla refuses to get the tattoo and that turns out to be a bad choice. Kayla joins a group of bar code resistors and it is made up of Allyson, Mfumbe, August, Zekeal and Nedra they have meetings in a warehouse and use technology to visit other resistance groups. Kayla meets Eutonah a resistance leader in the Adirondacks Eutonah tells Kayla to remember the white face. Amber has to move away because her parents bar codes are not working and Kayla finds out that Zekeal is a supporter of Global-1 and is trying to recruit her to Global-1 like he did with Nedra. Kayla's mom tries to burn her tattoo off with fire but the house catches on fire and she dies. Kayla wakes up in a hospital and runs away. From then on she has been considered a fugitive. Kayla runs away and is living in the woods for a while but then she meets Toz and Mava who believe that if they become hurt and go to the hospital will not come out Kayla lives with those to for a while but Tozhas a heart Attack while going through the border and crashes the car Kayla gets out but Mava is sent to the hospital where she will die. Kayla runs away and is now under criminal offense for not listening to Global Officers. Kayla arrives at a log cabin restaurant and after it's closed goes in to get food but encounters Mfumbe. Mfumbe tells Kayla about why he ran away and takes her to his small cabin. they stay there for a while but the Global officers find the place and hunt them out they get away and walk for day shoplifting. Kayla gets sick and Mfumbe goes into a department store to get her medicine. The man who was working there calls the police and Mfumbe goes to jail. Kayla ventures on her own. She reaches Lake Placid thinking Mfumbe would be there but instead she finds August along with other resistors of the bar code. August tell Kayla to go to white face mountain-thats what Eutonah meant when she said remember the white face- and she will find Eutonah. On the way up she runs into Zekeal but, again, gets away. Kayla finds Eutonah and works on psychic abilities. Mfumbe finds Kayla but Global-1 agents have him. Mfumbe and Zekeal fight and The global-1 agents go away. Mfumbe and Kayla now live with Eutonah and the resistors on white face mountain. Mfumbe Taylor:
An 18 year old boy. His parents had success with the bar code but he refuses to get it. Mfumbe won the first virtual Global teen jeopardy. He is part of the Decode group supporting David Young. Ashley Reed:
She is Kayla's Mother. Once Kayla's father dies she starts relying on drugs and alcohol for comfort. She tries to burn her bar code tattoo off but burns her house down killing herself. Amber Thorne:
A 17 year old girl. Amber thinks that the bar code will make everything better. She is Kayla's best friend but not part of decode. Amber's parents bar codes stop working and they have to move to Nebraska with her cousin Emily who Amber think is a complete psychopath. August Sanchez:
He is also a part of Decode. August got the tattoo eventually but burns his off with acid and goes to find the Decode group at Lake Placid Nedra Harris:
In the beginning Nedra is a part of decode but she turns out to be a recruit for Global-1 with Zekeal. Zekeal Morrelle:
In the beginning Zekeal is a Part of Decode. Kayla finds out that Zekeal is actually working for Global-1 recruiting agents. Allyson Minor:
Allyson was also a part of Decode but in the end she gets the bar code tattoo because it's the only way she can get into a good college. She is not like August and does not take her tattoo off. The Decode Group:
Decode creates a group that is against Global-1 and its Bar code tattoo's. It is lead by David Young Eutonah:
Eutonah is a woman who lives in the Adirondack mountains with the group Decode. She visited Kayla through her mind using special powers that she learned while being on Whiteface Mountain. Connection- Text to world My connection is that some people do things just because others do. For example if all of a sudden Scarves became "the new thing" people would be all over them just because it would make them popular. Setting U.S.A Year: 2025 Yorkdale:
Home to:
Amber (untill she moves)
It is a future-istic town with moving side walks and everything. Alot of the story takes place here. There is a High school, Winfry High. Toz and Mava Alan:
They are an elderly couple who help Kayla when she is trying to get to the Adirondacks. Toz and Mava die near the end. Whiteface mountain:
Home to: Eutonah, Part of the Decode group.
This is a place where Kayla comes to when she is considered a criminal in her home town and so she can get away from the Bar code tattoo. People here have Psychc abilities Recommendation; I would recommend this book to boys and girls of the age 11 and up because there is a bit of violence. Rating: I gave this book a 3 star review because it wasn't my favorite, but it was OK. Supporters Resistors Mfumbe August David Young Amber Zekeal Nedra The Thornes Kayla Bar Code Tattoo Resistors and Supporters Eutonah Toz and Mava All of Decode Individuality or Conformity Identity or Access Freedom or Control The Bar Code Tattoo; What would you choose? Review: I thought This book was OK it was exciting but the ending didn't leave me with a solution. It didn't tell me if the Decode group got rid of the bar code tattoo. I think it should have ended with them defeating Global-1. All-in-all this was a pretty good book.
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