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Effects of Cartoons on Children

A presentation regarding the effects of cartoons on the children of the 21st century. An anthropological, psychological and social perspective oh this issue.

Karen Yu

on 5 January 2011

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Transcript of Effects of Cartoons on Children

Childhood Cartoons Harmless Right? WRONG. Social Issue Hypothesis Background Information Negative
of Cartoons
on Children Are cartoons a driving force in deteriorating the future generation of society? Cartoons? Why is this a Who's Affected? Contributing Factors

• Exaggerated actions
• Physically impossible actions
• Bright, colourful, friendly scenes
• Repeated sayings and/or actions
• A fantasized world creation Common Characteristics of Children Cartoon Shows: Cartoons & Children • TV is a daily pastime for 75 percent of Canadian children, both boys and girls from Grade 3 to Grade 10
• Children have been watching television as early as age of six month
• 588 cartoons have be produced since the year 2000
social issue? Media as a Social Institution Negative Effects on Society Violence
Risky Behaviour
Subliminal Messaging
Child Consumerism • Increased amount of violence
• Stereotyping
• Gender Roles
Ignorance to the Issue Children (under 12) and teens influence parental purchases totaling over $130-670 billion a year. Racial Outlooks Children • Physical deterioration
• Psychological damage
• Sexual References, Subliminal Messagining
• Heavy marketing brainwashes mind of children
Parents • Parents are required to gain media literacy
• Satisfying children with their cartoon addiction by purchasing cartoon merchandise
• Parents are contending with many commercial entities Is this Issue Common? How many of you own a television? How many of you watched cartoons when you were little? • 99% of households in United States owned a TV set as of 2002
Did You Know...? 18,000 34% Three out of four Effects on school life Television Networks Provide responsible programs for children
Filter harmful content
Hold some responsibility for their audience 50% 8000, 100,000 53% Most violent acts go unpunished on TV and are often accompanied by humor. The consequences of human suffering and loss are rarely depicted. Easy assessibility of technology More than just entertainment Working parents Desire for violence, inappropriate behaviour Solutions? Media Literacy Agencies Considered Children's Advertisers • Media Awareness Network Government Regulations UNICEF Cartoons For Human Rights Survey Results Current Research: Children Spend 2 Hours on Average a day watching TV Percentage of time children ages 2-7 spend watching TV alone and unsupervised: 81
Children (under 12) and teens influence parental purchases totaling over $130-670 billion a year. Despite their innocent appeal, there are many negative effects of television cartoons. They can deteriorate many aspects of a child’s development and media literacy and parental restrictions should be implemented.
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