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Wolfgang Mozart

Okay his name is also Wolfgang.

Jeremy Cross

on 15 February 2014

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Transcript of Wolfgang Mozart

Wolfgang Mozart
Born: January 27, 1756, Slazburg, Austria

Died: December 5, 1791, Vienna, Austria

Age of death: 35 years old
Let me introduce myself, my name is Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart. Please don't ask me any questions why my name is that long. If you're seriously curious please ask my father about it.
Words about Wolfgang Mozart

Seriously young and talented.
A musician who changed the world.
His name is too lengthy.
Introduction of Mozart
Mozart is a world phenomenon because he was one of the musicians who gave an interesting twist in music and how music should sound like. He was one of the greatest and youngest composers of his time and until to this day, many people still admire his music pieces.
Pictures of Mozart's face
Click here to watch
Mozart's Childhood Part One
Mozart's parents were Leopard Mozart and Anna Maria.
He was brought up in Salzburg, Austria.
He was the youngest among the seven children in the family.
Five of his siblings died in infancy and his only living sibling is his sister named Maria Anna.
Mozart learned music while his father was teaching his sister music when he was three years old.
His father taught him music at the age of four.
Mozart could play the piano faultlessly.
At the age of five he could compose little music pieces.
Mozart's talent came as a surprise to his father.
Mozart's Childhood & Teenage Life Part 2
The Family Tour
Mozart did not have an ordinary childhood like other normal children
Mozart and his family went on a musical tour across Europe
Mozart performed in front of many monarchs like King Louis the sixteen.
He traveled to Milan, Paris, Zurich, Amsterdam, London and many more.
Mozart was one of the child prodigies in Europe during that time.
The tour lasted for three and a half years.
Mozart composed his music pieces at an alarming rate.
Employment at Salzburg court
Mozart was employed as a court musician for the ruler of Salzburg.
The composer had numerous pals and admirers in Salzburg.
The opportunity to work in numerous genres.
The enthusiasm for violin and piano concertos
Gained music success
He became disappointed with Salzburg
Mozart's income was 150 florins for a year.
He visited Vienna and Munich for another position for music.
Death of Mozart
The cause of Mozart's death cannot be known with certainty. The official record has it as "hitziges Frieselfieber"( "severe miliary fever", referrring to a rash that looks like millet seed)
Mozart was buried in a common grave
The young composer resigned his position in Salzburg.
Mozart became acquainted with members of the famous orchestra in Mannheim
He fell in love with Aloysia. (a daughter in a musical family)
The employment in Mannheim came to nothing for Mozart
Mozart left for Paris to continue his search for employment
Fell into a debt
His mother died on 3 July 1778
Paris was did not come out that well for Mozart
The music pieces he composed were the A minor piano sonata and the Paris Symphony
Mozart tarried in Munich and Mannheim hoping for an employment.
The Paris Journey
The summary of his life

Mozart composed numerous of music pieces over half of his life time.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
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