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Copy of Welcome to OPEN HOUSE!

No description

fawna nelson

on 24 August 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Welcome to OPEN HOUSE!

Welcome to
Ms. Nelson!

Classroom Rules
√Classroom Rules developed with
student input and agreed upon together:

1.) Take Care of Yourself
2.) Take Care of Others
3.) Take Care of Your Learning
4.) Take Care of Your Environment
Reading Log
Word Work
Bachelors in Biochemistry and Cell Biology from University of California, San Diego
Certificate in Microbiology from NASA
Teaching Credential Teach-Now Grad: March '15

Previous Teaching Experience:
Adult English Teacher
University Science Teacher
High School Science Teacher
3rd grade Teacher
Absences and Tardies
Importance of being in school
Reading and writing workshop
Importance of being on time
7:30 or prior
Readers workshop
Discipline Procedures
CLASS DOJO (see video)
If a rule is broken again after points have been taken off, student will be asked to take a seat at the "Rest Stop"
If the rule is broken again, student will take a "Rest Stop" at a buddy classroom
"I Can" Checklist
Everyday Math
Reading and Writing Workshop
presented in a kid friendly format
helps students self-assess their progress
helps parents know what skills may need extra home support.
-Please see Math information packet on desks.
-Tools 3rd graders use in Math:
Interactive White Board
ActivInspire Studio
Math apps on Ipads
Online games
On your child's desk you will find 3 items...
1.) A personalized
from your child to you!
2.) A
- please write any concerns for your child, their likes/dislikes, strengths, or weaknesses
Curriculum information
for math and writing
A Little About Me...
Class Dojo
Please see email for our daily schedule
Every Monday: Reading buddies with PreK
Every Tuesday: "Star Student"
Ms. Nelson says:
Ask 3 before me!
If Homework is not fully completed, student will stay during the first 15 minutes of recess.
Please check the list at the door to see that your family email address is correct. If it is not, please write the correct address on the sheet.
First... your email address
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