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Global Visual Journal

No description

Mia Tijerina

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Global Visual Journal

Finding issues for your Exhbition topic
Global Issues Visual Journal
How do you create a visual journal?
Why do Visual Journals?
What is a Visual Journal?
Find pictures from newspapers, the Internet, magazines, or create your own.

Also include poems, quotes, slogans, and/or write your own questions.
Your Reflections
Include a brief reflection to explain why this particular image, poem, question captured your attention.
They are fun, quick, and easy to do.
They offer a personal connection to you.
They provide a memory of what is important to you.
A journal that uses images and reflections to create a visual image of global issues.
What must I do?
Complete each theme (10 for each)
Write a reflection
Include local and global issues
Follow teachers' instructions
How do I get started?
Environmental Issues
Global Poverty
Peace and Conflict
Global Infectious Diseases
Education for All
Disasters and Emergencies
Digital Divide
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