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The Periodic Table of Elements.

No description

Pratik Chaudhari

on 9 November 2013

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Transcript of The Periodic Table of Elements.

Serena Zilli, Angela Cao, Pratik Hom Chaudhari, and Christopher Alise.

-A group, also known as a family, is a column on the periodic table.
-In the periodic table, there are 18 groups.
-Rows are also known as periods.
-The number of the row, in which the element is in, corresponds with how many shells the element has.
How to Navigate the Periodic Table of Elements

For example, if we wanted to find Lithium, and we knew that it had 2 shells and was an alkali metal, we would go to row two, column one. The atomic number represents the number of protons, as the atomic weight minus the atomic number represents the number of neutrons and electrons!
Searching for Lithium
The Periodic Table of Elements!
As you can tell, you may find many characteristics of a various amount of elements. For instance, the atomic weight, if it was man-made, if an element is a metal or not, etc. It shows physical properties of elements!
Descriptions of The Periodic Tables of Elements!
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