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Jackie Robinson

No description

Cameron Diskey

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Jackie Robinson

-Born January 31st, 1919.

-Died October 24th, 1972 (age 53).

-Was the first African-American player to join Major League Baseball.

He Was Signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947.

-He Was Hated by his teammates and spectators.

-His Presence in the Majors eventually lead to all races being accepted in all professional sports.

-He Wore #42 which would eventually be retired in
Major League Baseball Forever.
Jackie Robinson
How Was Jackie Robinson Portrayed in the Film?
Every year in major league baseball, players from all teams wear #42 in honor of Jackie on Jackie Robinson Day.
Thanks For Watching!
-After everything he experienced, Jackie Robinson was always happy and smiling.
Smile :D
The Film(42 2013)
Famous Photos
The Aftermath...
-Many African-Americans joined Major League Baseball shortly after.
-Ready to Start a Fight
-A Bit Cocky
The Film's Message
-It was very clear that no one wanted Robinson around.
-Told not to fight back(Take Abuse).
-Threatened many times.
-Eventually gained the respect of his teammates, managers and fans.
-The End-
-Jackie's number has been retired from the MLB forever from 2014 and on...
-Most believe that Robinson was the first African-American to play Major League Baseball who was abused verbally and physically because of his skin colour.
-Eventually Robinson changed Major League Baseball When more African-Americans were welcome to join.
By:Cameron Diskey
-42(The Film)
-Teammates, Managers and fans gained respect for Robinson.
-Larry Doby(1947)
-Don Bankhead(1947)
-Satchel Paige(1948)
-Roy Campanella(1948)
And Many More...
-Became Fan Favourite.
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