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Motif Antigone

ten quotes of a repeated idea in Antigone with images

Sapphire Moosman

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Motif Antigone

Antigone Bribery Creon to Choragos: Scene I, line 54-55 "Yet money talks, and the wisest have been known to count a few coins too many." Creon to Sentry: Scene I, Line116-119 "There's nothing in the world so demoralizing as money
Down go your cities
Homes gone, men gone, honest hearts corrupted
Crookedness of all kings, and all for money." Creon to Sentry: Scene I, Line 130 "A fortune won is often misfortune." Creon to Sentry: Scene I, Line 138-120 "Your figures of speech
May entertain you now; but unless you bring me the man
You will get little profit from them in the end." Creon to Haimon: Scene III, Line 109 & 114 "This boy, it seems, has sold out to a women.
Fool, adolescent fool! Taken in by a women." Creon to Teiresias: Scene V, Line 52-53 "Teiresias, it is a sorry thing when a wise man
Sells his wisdom, lets out his words for hire." Teiresias to Creon: Scene V , Line 56 "No man knows that wisdom outweighs any wealth." Teiresias to Creon: Scene V, Line 60 "Yet you have said that my prophecy is for sale." Creon and Teresias arguing:Scene V, Line 61-62 "The generation of prophets has always loved gold."
"The generation of kings has always loved brass." Teiresias to Creon: Scene V, Line 69 "No, you will find the price to costly ."
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