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Alto Saxophone

No description

isabel goncalves

on 29 March 2014

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Transcript of Alto Saxophone

Alto Saxophone
When it was invented and has changed over time
It was invented by Charles Joseph in 1814 Belgium and yes it has changed over time it was bronze then silver now its gold.
What is the range of this instrument and other interesting facts
The range of the alto saxophone is from concert D (the D below middle C) to concert A
YouTube video
This is Talk dirty to me on the alto saxophone
The places I got my information
How do you play the instrument? is it a reed instrument does it have a mouth piece how do you change notes on the instrument
To play the instrument you hold down the key lever and blow into the mouth piece.
Alto Saxophone
Hi I'm Isabel and I'm gonna talk to you about the alto saxophone.
Yes it is a reed instrument. Yes it has a mouth piece the way you play this instrument is you move your fingers from piece to piece to make different sounds.
- Google images
- Britannica school
- Mr Nash
- YouTube
Did you know that there are a total of eight different types of saxophones.
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