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EnvironMentors - WVU Chapter

Informational Presenation

Shannon Dey

on 28 August 2012

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Transcript of EnvironMentors - WVU Chapter

What EnvironMentors is all about... Program Schedule Agents of change
Create the meaningful experience
Support system for students
Professionals from government agencies, non-profit organizations, and businesses; or
Faculty and graduate and undergraduate students from the University The Chapters... Recruit, match, and facilitate mentor -student relationships
Oversee student-mentor relationships and projects - trouble shooting, point of contact, workshops, advice, supportive learning community
Student accountability The Students... EnvironMentors Shannon Dey - Chapter Coordinator (cc) photo by Jakob Montrasio 304-293-0024
Shannon.Dey@mail.wvu.edu Skills WVU Chapter The Mentors... September-November
Explore and identify project topic

Design and conduct experimental research

Collect and analyze data

Draw conclusions and communicate results The Manual Student/Mentor Do's & Don'ts
Annotated Curriculum
The Scientific Method
Background Research
Forming a Hypothesis Experimental Design
Data Collection & Analysis
Drawing a Conclusions
Communicating Your Results
EnvironMentors Fair & Scholarships Todd Petty - Chapter Director 304-293-2278
Todd.Petty@mail.wvu.edu EnvironMentors... National, environment-based college access program
Prepares multicultural high school students from underrepresented backgrounds for college
Utilizes mentors to motivate and guide students as they conduct scientific research and acquire critical-thinking skills Build self-confidence
Gain understanding of local and global environmental issues
Develop technical skills in STEM fields: scientific writing, experimental design and techniques, communication skills
Participate in EnvironMentors College Access Pathway
Learn about the growing variety of environmentally-related degree programs
Participate in local and national EnvironMentors Science Fairs Aligning with HSTA STEM Healthy Living Social Skills Science Biology
Natural Resources
Environmental Health
Earth Systems
Plant & Soil Science
Microbiology Techology Geographic Information Systems
Radio Telemetry
Global Positioning Systems
Environmental Technology Engineering Physics
Civil Engineering
Geospatial Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Landscape Architecture
Bioengineering Mathematics Biometry
Environmental Economics
Operations Rsearch Analysis
Trigonometry Environmental Health = Public Health
EnvironMentors Vision - A society in which young adult leaders from all cultural, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds are empowered to protect the environment through their chosen profession.
Students build self-confidence and develop lifelong friendships and professional reltationships
College Access orientation prepares students for college and improves student success and retention Communication is key to the scientific method

Students develop communication skills through:
Participation in EnvironMentors Fairs
Presentations in elementary schools
The EnvironMentors Community -http://www.environmentors.net Communicate
Your Results The WVU Chapter Our Goals:

A 9th-12th grade extended learning program designed to train the next generation of scientists and empower underrepresented students and WV citizens to take control of the environmental health of their community.

Improve STEM education as it relates to environmental sciences for high school, undergraduate, and graudate students
Link environmental science experts at WVU directly to the needs of WV communities through community based-watershed organizations
Increase awareness of environmental science and sustainable development
Facilitate long-term incremental advances in environmental stewardship throughout the state of West Virginia Statewide Vision Link students to the environment though partnerships between community-based watershed organizations and high schools National
Chapter Louisiana
University West Virginia
University Colorado
University Coal
Group Friends of
Deckers Creek Friends of
the Cheat Morgantown
High School University
High School Clay-Battelle
High School Expose students to STEM discipline college degree programs through meaningful environmental science research projects and meaningful personal relationships with mentors WVU Chapter Model
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