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Southern Poetry

Themes and Favorites of Southern Poetry

Lauren Stuckey

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Southern Poetry

in Southern Poetry To be a southerner is to feel
yourelf forever draped in the
mantle of the past It seemed the angels had gathered,
white men in their gowns...
cross trussed like a Christmas tree
the charred grass still green.
Yesterday, word came of colored
troops, dead on the battlefield…
General Banks was heard to say I have
no dead there, and left them, unclaimed.
How could we be the bad guys
when everyone I knew was descent,and kind, stirred slow
like sugar in melting sun tea?
So I made a choice,
against my nature,
to throw my lot in with that moving line:abstract, rational, conscious, sober
cutting a path through human time.
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