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California's Water Crisis

No description

Jonathan Kocher

on 5 October 2015

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Transcript of California's Water Crisis

Recycling Waste Water

Health Risk?
California's Current Drought
The Facts
Recycled Waste Water is Safe
Removes bacteria
The Facts
What can you do?
Change Title 22 to allow Direct Potable Reuse
Exceeds all drinking water standards

Removes pharmaceuticals
Concerns: Cost and public perception
Reverse Osmosis:
Removes viruses
Large potential for
Recycled Waste Water even assuming the most conservative estimates.
The Facts
Recycled Waste Water is cost effective
The Facts
Public perception can be managed by
careful branding:
Australia - Groundwater Replenishment
Singapore - NEWater
Texas - Raw Water
Santa Clara - Water Purification
Why is this important?
California's drought will not be permanent. But the state needs to make changes to prepare for the next one.
Why is this important?
The viability of recycled waste water as an option depends on convincing the citizens of California of its safety.
Why is this important?
The cost/benefit comparison for a recycled waste water program compared to other alternatives suggests this is a safe investment of public funds.
Public Perception - Yuck Factor
COST - Expensive?
The Facts
Public perception is changing!

Public Perception - Health/Safety Issue
Valley Wildfire of September 2015
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