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Welcome to

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Gary Cargill

on 31 January 2018

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Transcript of Welcome to

Welcome to
Please ensure you leave adequate time for your journey to work. Our expectation is that you will arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of your shift.

Match Day -On arrival, please make your way to the north end of the stadium - GATE D on Rugby Road, signposted
'Twickenham Experience Staff Check-in'
. You will find us in a white portacabin with a large white marquee attached.
Non Match Day - On arrival, please access the stadium through GATE F in the south east corner. The confirmation text for your shift will direct you from there.

Our postcode for SatNav purposes is TW2 7BA or TW1 1DZ, however please note
there are NO car parking facilities on major event days

The nearest train station is Twickenham, operated by South West Trains. For full details of suggested journey routes please log onto www.tfl.gov.uk or www.southesttrains.co.uk/plan-your-journey

The nearest tube stations are Richmond (District Line) or Hounslow (Piccadilly Line)

Local Bus routes include: 281, 481, 267, H22 and the H20 all run nearby the stadium

Who we are
Welcome to the Twickenham Family!

Formed in 2000 as a joint venture between the RFU and Compass Group UK, Twickenham Experience Ltd is the only official on site hospitality and catering provider at Twickenham Stadium. We have a team of over 75 employee’s and will deploy over 2500 staff on a major event day, across both our hospitality operation and our retail operation. In addition to our major events, we operate a 365 day a year C&E function, witnessing events such as conferences, exhibitions, weddings, and charity dinners, we’ve even held a boxing match! Combined, both sides of our business ensure there is never a dull moment, and you can be sure that your experience with us will be full of variety, learning and fun!

We're proud of our venue and our fantastic offer. We strongly believe we would not be where we are today without the contribution of all of our team, and look forward to welcoming you to become part of it! Please find below a small taster of what life is like here at the home of England Rugby #carrythemhome

Some useful things to know

What to do in case of emergency
In the unlikely event of a full or partial evacuation, your manager will inform you of the muster point; these will depend on the area you are working in. For guidance, these usually are: South Stand: Marriott Drop off zone, North & East Stands: North Car Park, West Stand: Lion Gate. Please proceed quickly and calmly to the muster point, staying together as a group. Do not stop to collect belongings. At the beginning of each shift, familiarize yourself with your nearest fire exit and ensure it is accessible to you (not locked or blocked).

Personal belongings
Personal belongings must be kept to a minimum when attending your shift and we recommend you do not bring in any item of high value, including cash amounts. All items are left at the owners risk, and Twickenham Experience Ltd accept no liability for items that may be lost or stolen whilst on the premises. You will be asked to sign a cash declaration when you commence your shift, and all personal property, including cash and mobiles phones, should be stored in the designated area as per your managers instruction.

Licensing Information
Our designated premises supervisor is Richard Knight, Stadium Director. We operate a responsible alcohol service, please refer to your online induction for further information. Our venue alcohol limit per person is 4 alcoholic drinks in any one transaction and we operate a challenge 21 policy.

Child or vulnerable person protocol
- In the event that a child or vunerable person approaches you to say they are lost you must: Immediately inform your supervisor who will pass details to event control. Ensure you have another member of staff with you and the lost person, preferably one of you is to be of the same sex as the lost person. WAIT in the location you found them for 10 minutes. After this period, both members of staff should take the lost person to GATE F SECURITY (SE corner), where full details of the person will be recorded and passed to event control.
The small print
The basis of your engagement is that of a casual worker on a contract for services, and is not a contract of employment.

What this means to you...

The company is under no obligation to offer you employment nor is the company under no obligation to offer you shifts. You may be offered shifts as required by the needs of the business, and have the right to choose, without penalty whether or not to accept those shifts. The rates of pay will be detailed on the offer and you will be paid for the actual hours you work, minus any deductions for breaks. Having accepted a shift you have a responsibility to come to work at the day/times detailed in the offer. Your engagement automatically terminates at the end of the offered shift. The company reserves the right to transfer you to suitable alternative work (which may be of a different type or grade of work originally offered to you) at any time and without prior consultation. You will be informed of your exact duties, your location of work and your break and meal allowance on arrival for each shift. Should the event your shift relates to be cancelled or reduces in size, we reserve the right to cancel your shift at any time without compensation. You will accrue holiday pay at a rate of 12.07% of your gross earnings. Your holiday rate is calculated at the time of requesting holiday. The holiday years runs from April to March and holiday pay requests must be taken within this time. Please contact the People Operations team to request holiday in writing.Full details of the casual worker policy will be sent to you upon joining in the form of the Compass Casual worker Handbook. We will be unable to pay you until you have completed your online induction. An e-mail will be sent to you once you are registered which will contain a unique access code.

Booking process- Match day
Upon registration, we will automatically add you to our database of event day staff. Approx. 3/4 weeks before each event, we will contact you via text and/or e-mail to invite you to book in. ALL bookings must be made through twickenham.matchdays@compass-group.co.uk. Please remember to include:

Your name
Your employee reference number (ERN - issued to you when you register)
Preferred job role
Preferred area of work

We will then send you a 'jobcard', with your offer of work. This is already confirmed so you don't need to do anything else unless you then wish to cancel.

Remember - If we don't have the correct details for you we cannot contact you, so please ensure you contact us with any changes in your personal details!

Getting Here
Contact us
020 8831 7976 - Match day enquiries
020 8831 7643 - Conference & Events enquiries
020 8831 7492 - HR/General enquiries
Recruitment, general enquiries, change of details

Match day bookings and match day enquiries

Conference & Events enquiries
People Operations Dept
Twickenham Experience Ltd
Rugby House
200 Whitton Road
Meet the Team
Payroll Information
Our working week runs from Thursday to the following Wednesday.
Payroll is run every Thursday for the previous week and payment is made by bank transfer on the following Wednesday. Therefore, if you work on a Saturday, you will be paid the second Wednesday after you have worked.
The standard payrate for all frontline roles is as £7.50
You will be paid in multiples of 15 minutes according to the times that are scanned on your jobcard. Half an hour break is deducted for any shifts over 6 hours.
All payslips will be via the Compass Group e-payslip system. You will be sent an e-mail once registered to set-up your online e-payslip account. Please ensure you make a note of your log-in and password details as we do not have access to these. If you encounter any issues using this system, please contact us in the first instance.
If you have any queries regarding your pay, please send them via e-mail and ensure you include: Your name, your ERN number, the date you worked, what you have been paid, what you think you SHOULD have been paid.
All pay queries should be forwarded to us no later than 4 payroll weeks after the event.
Personal Presentation
You are often the first, and most definitely the most memorable aspect of a guests perception of their experience here at Twickenham. Every time you have an interaction with a guest it is a 'Moment of Truth'. So lets see how we can ensure we present ourselves in the most professional way...

Uniform you are expected to provide yourself:
Smart black trousers or skirt
Smart black 'school-type' shoes

We will provide everything else you need to wear, however if you feel more comfortable wearing your own black shirt it must be black only (no trimmings or logos), long sleeved and have a standard button-up collar.

The Image of Excellence is displayed in the next section, detailing our uniform expectations, however it is not only the way you look that has an impact on your guest experience. In fact, when you break it down, the percentage impact of what you say or how you say is as follows:

Breaks & Meal Policy
We will provide you with a minimum of a 20 minute break every 6 hours for over 18's, and 20 minutes every 4 hours for under 18's. We will however, aim to provide you with at least one 30 min break.
All breaks must be taken in the allocated break area as designated by your area manager/supervisor.
Twickenham Stadium is a non-smoking site. The only designated smoking area is situated in the North car park, adjacent to staff check-in. Please ensure you have obtained permission from your supervisor prior.
We will provide you with at least one complimentary hot meal on all shifts over 6 hours, as detailed on the below meal plan.
Hospitality Team Members
On Arrival – Warm Breakfast roll, Tea, Coffee & Water
Lunch – Hot chefs choice dish of the day, new potatoes, Garden Peas
Vegetarian Option available
Late afternoon energy option – Chocolate Bar (Fresh fruit available on request as alternative)
Drinking water is available throughout the day at all times
Retail Team Members
On Arrival – Tea, Coffee & Water
Lunch – Staff meal voucher issued to be redeemed at the dedicated staff meal concessions situated in the North Car park
Late afternoon energy option – Chocolate Bar (Fresh fruit available on request as alternative)
Drinking water is available throughout the day at all times
7% Your choice of words
38% The tone of your voice
55% Your body language
Eye contact
Good posture
Give the guest your full attention
Speedy resolution of queries
Looking away
Arms crossed
Don't know don't care!
Booking process- Non match day (C&E)
Upon registration, we will automatically add you to our database of event day staff. Conference & Events (C&E) shifts require staff who are able to work regularly. If you are interested in booking in for conference and event shifts you must email twickenham.nonmatchdays@compass-group.co.uk. Please remember to include:

Your name
Your employee reference number (ERN - issued to you when you register)
Preferred job role
Preferred area of work
Availability for the following Monday-Sunday.

C&E shifts are offered on a Wednesday or Thursday for the following Monday-Sunday. We will respond to let you know whether we have any shifts to match your availability.

Remember - If we don't have the correct details for you we cannot contact you, so please ensure you contact us with any changes in your personal details!
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