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Chapter 11

Stress and Success in Family Life

Jennifer Martinez

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Chapter 11

Family What is a family? What does a family look like? Is your family normal?
Is any family really normal? Does this determine the success of a family? Types of Families Blended
Kinship Network
Gay and Lesbian Could these types of families be sucessful? What is a successful family? supporting Nuturing Traits of a Successful Family Involvement Open to new Ideas Helps Build Self esteem Work with the Family Build relationship with the family Focus on the Strenths Look at your own self Afirm the family's strength BE POSITIVE! Rules on rules No rule is too big or too small They may be cultural based My rules All families experience stress!!! Poverty Special needs of the children Abuses Divorce Step and Blended Families Lack of Support Limited Access to resources Bias issues Communication Difficulties What kinds of stress are families feeling? loving Think about your.... Board work: Video Let's talk about Real Life Statistics Teen birth rates are falling Number of children being raised in poverty is on the rise What damage can stress have? Resilient Children Have a sense of connectedness Recruited attachment They are problem solvers Realize they are needed by someone else Life makes sense for them Able to move on How can we help these familes? How can we help the children become
Resilient ? Support the child and family
Teach the skills they need for making connections and gaining support
Teach problem solving
Give children responsibilities
Provide positive Role Models Video Link School and Home How do parents relate to their children? What kind of home life is provided for them? What do the parents teach them? Help Children for a FUTURE of SUCCESS Protect them Set limits Help develop social skills Define appropriate behavior Give feedback Help them express themselves Help them be responsible Children must learn to be leaders and followers Encourage concentration R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
Themself and Others Monitor their behavior
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