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Superstitions of Norway

No description

Daniela López

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Superstitions of Norway

Norway Superstitions
As we know trolls live in the countryside, and those who have been touched by sun-rays, will immediately turn into stone or even mountains. People in Norway who want to avoid misfortune, should set a plate of Christmas porridge outside the door/in the barn, to sweeten the old, small barn gnomes. A young Norwegian lady should not knit a sweater for her boyfriend, because then he will leave her.
Rowan Trees
When the rowan trees carry lots of berries, there will be little snow in the winter, because it’s said that the rowan tree shouldn’t have to carry two heavy burdens. Norwegians also believe that if there’s ice on the lakes on May Day, Spring will be late.
On the coast of Norway fishing was the main resource for living. And the thing they were most afraid of was Draugen. Draugen could come in many different shapes and forms, but the one they were the most afraid of was the dead guy sailing the half ship. If the Draugen came sailing up alongside their boat it told about bad weather and storm coming, and then the sea would claim many lives.
It was not allowed to complain over how much fish you got, and never count the fish before you stopped fishing for the day and were on your way home. If you did you would not get any luck getting fish.
They believed that if the cows in the dairy farm were not able to move the TÅVRE did it. And if you did put your finger in the cows ears and they did not blink with their eyes the TÅVRE had killed it. Then they believed that the only way to fix the problem was to read a prayer: – It was once Jesus was out walking, and on the road he med the TÅVREman. Jesus asked: Where are you going TÅVRE? – I am going to the farmers farm and mess up all his animals.
Then Jesus said: That you must not because then I will melt your words and your tung, your liver and lungs until you want all the best for him, like you want the best for yourself. This prayer they had to read 3 times over salt, and for every time you had to spit. The salt you hade to use to make bread from. Then you should give the bread to the cows so that they would get better. And it must be made in secret. This they believed.
The sound of spitting is always sweet to a Norwegian. ’Tvi, tvi’ was used to put a curse on someone that you liked. The superstition was that if somebody had already cursed you then the evil spirits had no reason to bother you. It was usually used as a friendly good-bye, or a send off.
Most known superstitions
A young Norwegian lady should not knit a sweater for her boyfriend, because then he will leave her.

There are also some beliefs connected with nature like the appereance of trolls in your yard if you dont cut the grass. When you come to Norway, don’t whistle towards the sun because that will cause rain.
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