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No description

Tuan Le

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Apple

Facility Locations
Customer Service
•IOS operating systems
•ITunes media browser (App store)
•Internet Browsers (Safari)
•Other Software
•Mac line of computers (MacBook Pro, iMac, MacBook Air, etc.)

Materials Handling
Nick Abramovic - S3430868
Tuan Le - S3434387
Alan Yan - S3429758
Michael Gonzalez - S3433111
Supply Chain Processes
- Materials Handling
- Transportation
- Storage and Warehousing
- Customer Service
- 5% of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by transportation.
- Products are transported from their assembly locations to the distribution hubs in the countries that they are sold in.
- With the packaging of the products becoming much smaller, apple is able ship 60% more boxes than 5 years ago.
- Apple’s transportation also looks at the packaging of its products so this would help ensure more stock can be shipped.

Materials Handling
Facility Locations
Newark, California, Data Center
Prineville, Oregon, Data Center
Reno, Nevada, Data Center
Austin, Texas
Elk Grove, California
Cork, Irland
Munich, Germany

Customer Service
- Founded April 1st 1976
- Steve Jobs
- Head Office in Cupertino, California
- Worldwide
- Produces Computer hardware, Software and Electronics
- Ever since Apple went green in 2010, their use of renewable energy went up 114% in 2012
Designed in California

Company profile
By reducing iPhone packaging by 28 percent from 2007 to 2012, 60 percent more boxes are shipped in each airline shipping container. Doing so it saves one 747 flight for every 416,667 units that is shipped.
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