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Calculating GWAM

No description

Laura Spainhour

on 29 November 2016

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Transcript of Calculating GWAM

Gross Words A Minute (GWAM)
Gross Words a Minute
Standard Keyboarding Word
Any 5 Characters (or any combination of 5 characters or spaces).
So In Other Words........
A character is every time you strike a key.
Even the space bar.
How to Calculate GWAM
GWAM is an acronym that means Gross Words a Minute or sometimes gross words per minute. You can calculate gross words per minute by typing words from a source like a book or poem for a certain number of minutes. Then, divide the total words by the number of minutes you spent typing.
GWAM is the overall typing speed regardless of how many errors you make.
GWAM is the number of keystrokes a typist can make in a timed period.
Examples Such as:
w rds
First Calculate The Number of Standard Keyboarding Words Typed
That is the number of characters you typed divided by 5.
Why 5?
A standard keyboarding word is any 5 characters.
Then take that answer and divide by the amount of time you spent typing.
1 min
2 min
5 min
whatever the time...
I typed for 1 min.
I typed 175 characters.
How many words did I type?

Answer: 175 characters / 5 = 35 words

35 words / 1 min = 35 GWAM
Now You Try
I typed for 1 min.
I typed 300 characters.
How many words did I type?

Then what do I do? (What is the next step?)

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