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jiu jistu

No description

Garret Memmer

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of jiu jistu

Jiu Jistu Who invented Jiu Jistu and why? The samuri were the frist to invent Jiu Jistu, it was invented so that you could attack an armed or armored oppenent.It was also invented so that the oppenent could not use his longsword. When doing jiu jistu you could also use small weapons. Where did Jiu Jistu start and when? There are many therioes for where and when jiu jistu started, Japanese are mostly responseble for the grappling part of jiu jistu. Chikura Kaube, was a wrestling sport that also contributed to Jiu Jistu. Buddist Monks also helped to bring about Jiu Jistu. What weapons where used in Jiu Jistu? Some of the weapons used in Jiu Jistu are bottles, knifes, and chains. Chains probably used to be the most popular weapon used in Jiu Jistu. The type of chains that they used where chainlink chains usally with a weight or sword attached to the end. Knifes are more popularly being used in Jiu Jistu. Knifes are small and can be hidden. this is an example of the type of chains that they used to use
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