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Fifties Forever

about the fifties and their life that time

mirie ahn

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of Fifties Forever

The Fantastic Fashion Fifties!!!! FIFTIES FOREVER... Important Events... Information, a famous movie Consumer Goods! Resources Important Scientific Discovery Did You Know??? THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!
LOVE THE FAMOUS 50s!!!!!! 1950- The Korean War has started.
1950- McCarthy is still accusing the communist countries.
1951- Iran nationalizes the Anglo-Iranian oil company.
1951- A new amendment is added to the Constitution. This changes alters politics.
1957- The Soviets set their sights on space. The Soviets are a step closer to their space exploration. An important scientific discovery that happened during the 50s was that a doctor created new medicine for the sick disease polio. thousands of children caught polio and Dr. Jonas Salk wanted to cure those sick children. he began experimenting. by 1952, Dr. Salk created a new medicine. and by 1954, the medicine was out in public. that was a great important discovery!!! Lady and the Tramp.
this movie came out in 1955.
the directors for this movie are Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, and Hamilton Luske.
the Lady and the Tramp is about a beautiful Cocker spaniel and a streetwise mutt. they go on adventures together and soon fall in love. Fabulous Fifties!!!!! The Korean War the lady and the tramp microwave ovens helped women cook foods faster and easier. they could get the cooking work done much faster. it was easier for them to work, too.
color t.v.s helped the people see what was outside of their area. they could also be entertained and they enjoyed all the shows they watched. My Resources Are:
Google Images
History of 1950s (book) By Mirie Ahn When I LOVE LUCY show ended, there was another Lucy show called HERE'S LUCY. and that the show I Love Lucy was out in 1952? I Love Lucy, 1952 the 1950s television SPUTNIK... THE SOVIET'S SATELLITE Dr. Salk with his polio medicine Joseph McCarthy the 1950s microwave oven most of these food in the store were
consumer goods.
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