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The Last Lecture

No description

Bradley Tucker

on 30 September 2016

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Transcript of The Last Lecture

Five lessons I learned from the book
Five lessons of my own
Randy's Lesson #2: "Don't Complain, Just Work Harder"
Randy explains this lesson more so as a tip, rather than a lesson. However, he does explain that you should not complain when something goes wrong, just work harder to fix it. This allowed me to see the world in a different light. "Too many people go through life complaining about their problems."
Randy's Lesson #3: Items Do Not Have Sentimental Value
Well, most of the time. Unless it is something that was passed down to you, it is usually just an item that can be bought using currency. You most likely didn't know what it was and why you liked it until you saw it in the store. "A car, even a pristine gem like my new convertible, was just a thing.
Lesson #1:
How To Find Compromise
To find compromise means to find some sort of middle ground. An agreement where the dilemma is solved and both people are satisfied. "I saw students apologize, and then several days later, their teammates came around."
The Last Lecture
In This Prezi, you will learn:

Randy's Life Lesson #4 Describe Yourself
A way that Randy categorizes people is whether your a Tigger or an Eeyore. If you a Tigger, you are more energetic, and enthusiastic in adversity. However, if you are an Eeyore, you are more depressing, and would give up in adversity. I allows you to be more reflective."'...But its kind of like a fish talking about the importance of water."'
Randy's Lesson #5:
Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams
This is the main lesson in the book about how to achieve your childhood dreams, because otherwise, you couldn't feel completed.

My Own Lesson #1: What Goes Around Comes Around
This is usually the long way of saying Karma, and I have always believed in it, I believe that life will revolve around the decisions you make on a daily basis.
My Own Lesson #2: Strive To Make Life Easier
Always try to make your life easier for you, and allow it to go your way, instead of letting it affect you. Try different ways to try to make your days easier, and stick with what works best.
My Own Lesson #3: Be The Predator, Not The Prey
Don't wait for things to happen. Take charge, and make things happen. They each you how to be a leader, not follower, but in the end, the real leaders will make the others followers regardless.
My Own Lesson #4: Just Do It
Many time you will second guess yourself, and trick yourself, but just do it. If you felt like it was a good idea in the first place, it could be a good idea.
My Own Lesson #5: If At First You Don't Succeed, Try, Try Again
You will not succeed at everything on the first try, its guaranteed. So always remember to try again as many times necessary.
*The Karma Symbol
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