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Freshwater Marshes

No description

Caraline Intoccia

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Freshwater Marshes

Freshwater Marshes By: Caraline Intoccia Freshwater Marshes are generally located along the mouths of rivers and are present in areas of low drainage. The most common area of them are in the Gulf Coast region, specifically In Florida, but they are scattered along many parts of the USA. The largest freshwater marsh in the United States is the Florida Everglades. General Location This type of Marsh is a Freshwater Marsh. Type Of Water Average Temperature Of Water Generally, the temperature of freshwater marshes are 24 degrees celcius, or 76 degrees farenheit. Since freshwater marshlands are mostly in places where its an open area and the sun is shining most of the day, these marshlands recieve alot of sunlight. They recieve about 12 hours of sunlight each day. Sunlight Penetration The water in freshwater marshes are standing. The dry season runs from December to April. During this season, animals that live in the water often migrate to deeper pools of water. The wet season runs from May to November. Rain fills up most of the dry areas. The water level can vary from just a few inches to six feet. Water In The Marshes Plants Cat-tails Saw grass Bulrush Pickerelweed Dragonflies Animals Turtle River Otter Egret Tadpoles Snail Alligator Keystone Species The Alligator is a Keystone Species in freshwater marshes because it effects many species in the enviroment. Ecosystem Name: Freshwater Marshes Notes Key Location: Gulf Coast region Salinity of Water: Freshwater Temperature of water: 24 degrees celcius Sunlight Penetration: Recieves alot of Sunlight, around 12 hrs. a day Movement of Water description: Standing TWO Plants: Cattails and Sawgrass TWO Animals: Turtles and River Otter Keystone Species: Alligator http://www.nhptv.org/natureworks/nwep7h.htm Resources List http://www.forestencyclopedia.net/p/p253 Miller & Levine Biology Book, Pg FL 21
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