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Copy of Customer Profitability Analysis

Fantastic 4

Naomi Rozenfeld

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Customer Profitability Analysis

Milena Flament great Company may not have data capture system sharing ideas Different In cost servicing Customization
of Products TED Conferences invested in Prezi because of their shared mission. 6.Review impact of new strategies 3 . Use ABC to determine the cost attributable to each segment In 2011, Prezi raised a Series B financing led by Accel Partners. Understanding of real cost of each segment Improved Profitability Disadvantages Advantages
of CPA The CPA Approach Method of identifying customer groups Practical difficulties CPA may overlook the combination of products or services purchased by customer 4.Annual profitability may not be representative of lifetime value 4. Analyse the PROFITABLE Prezi operates on a freemium business model, which makes Prezi available to all, Q & A 1 . Customer Segmentation 6 steps... CPA approach.. Measuring Customer Profitability Studies have shown that only 20% of a company’s customers contribute to profits. The remaining 80% generate losses Possible qualitative reasons
to retain unprofitable
customers: 1 .
activity to calculate customer cost ?? How 2 .
activity 3.
activity HOW 4.Facility and to calculate customer cost ?? session Different perspectives Students preview the days content at home, if possible, which includes videos (of both myself explaining content, and others found online), assignments, and links for further inquiry.

In the classroom students use computers, iPads, phones and tablets, to access the internet and follow our entirely web-based lesson." Jared Bret John Trotwood Moore Middle School "Flipped" Classroom Rob Newberry Not helpful in
identifying opportunity
for improving
customer related
activities A Brief History of Life http://prezi.com/boa21ytdaoxy/ap-bio-evolution-6-brief-history-of-life/ "Peeragogy" Howard Rheingold http://prezi.com/-zuwbm0vur7i/copy-of-peeragogy/ by: David Knuffke could lead to
misleading result application to INDUSTRY Annie Escobar Charity Temple Ashley Selman a former Olympic qualifier; runs one of the top personal-training facilities in the Valley: Peter Duffin http://www.topozoo.com/ http://blog.prezi.com/2011/05/11/facebooks-new-campus-is-presented-in-prezi/ http://www.alimat-inc.com/project.php?id=24 http://prezi.com/nhoodyqau2ay/e-reputation-brand-management/ Bernadette Martin Julie Vetter http://prezi.com/ptve2tu78evu/your-story-can-change-the-world-master/ http://prezi.com/row6dzyapfic/jr-inside-out-project/ Street Artist - "JR" Your Story Can Change the World Inside Out Project http://prezi.com/u1401xeapltd/emotional-equations/ Emotional Equations Chip Conley TED 2012 Tim Berners Lee Davos 2010 World Economic Forum SXSW 2012 http://prezi.com/_zjirtmsoxrb/tedmed-2011-daniel-kraft-md/ Daniel Kraft MD TEDMED Start-Up Weekend http://prezi.com/r5ldr20rbl3o/swedu-bay-feb-24-26/ http://prezi.com/xe5thxwgcxz1/if-you-put-it-that-way/ Leticia Britos Cavagnaro Stanford
d.school http://prezi.com/qu3ogkdnh5vb/prezume-of-charity-temple/ Milena Flament http://prezi.com/ybzhchzydmq6/milenas-prezime/ Chatsworth International School
in Singapore Traditional
Analysis Randy Howder Facebook's new headquarter was pitched using Prezi https://prezi.com/7zvirx7ckytt/a-colonial-commencement/?auth_key=9360a17bf756177ddd042f577de0baaac0f65c90 John Wilson Stuart Taylor, et. al https://prezi.com/xwja941po289/wonderland/ MAF635 CUSTOMER
NUR AIMI BINTI MOHD SALIHODDIN Introduction DEFINITION CPA the cost of all activities used to support a customer or a group are accumulated and compared with the revenue generated by that customer or customer group. How do customer differs? Differences in Revenue Charged different market different discounts sales volume different
products customer
activities Distribution
Channels Customer prestige.
Potential future profitability. Loss leader to enter market. Non monetary benefits ... small 2. Revenue attributable to each segments VERSUS Non-Profitable
segments improved stategic decision e Prepare report
based on
Product Line HealthWave, Inc. sells
vitamin, herbal product and medicine, have segmented thier customer into three major customer types:

Herbal Therapist Conclusion for Customer Profitability Analysis thank you!! Number 1 Number 2 : 5.Develop strategies to maximize PROFIT Big and.... ... small important for marketing decision making focus attention more on the management of customer Marketing and Selling activities Quiz time!!!! Quiz time!!! Key Developments 1. Advances in information technology 2. Managing customer value
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