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Your search is over

Introductory presentation for Visual Production Curator

Ágnes Grelinger

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Your search is over

Ágnes Grélinger
I hope,
HavE yOu evEr fElT thiS wAy ?
This is me finding
your call:
because it IS Me.
I want to soak up all
the colours of life.
this position is the perfect
combination for me!
*moreover I remember these projects and people and my mind makes connections between them

to create exciting cooperations
I've been following Prezi
for a while now,
waited for this opportunity
(like a photographer waits the right moment to shoot)
to apply
I find Prezi:

*a very useful and interesting tool, that challanges and makes the mind work in all ways but conventional

*it's "out-of-the-box"

*extraordinary and unique visual language

*a product I can and believe in - and that makes the most out of me
What's motivating for me?
* great opportunity for visual artists and the software to be presented on a new platform,
get known by new social groups
*always wanting to work with the ability of being a bridge between creatives and managers
*more visibility to quality art (decreasing "visual contamination")
*inspire new intercultural and interdisciplinary collaborations;
users and creatives
Visual Production Curator

*dancing acrobatic rock'n'roll for 18 years, starting at age 6
being World Ranking List leaders for two of them in our category - with this: (shock-alert)
*"Cards in motion" - stop motion video - in cooperation
Ideas f r Prezi
some great sites that I follow regularly with
cool stuff to stumble upon:
and so on..
designer:Pete Ware

(great ideas, great realisation)
*really appreciate sense of humour:
a designer creating funny posters of client comments:
* more talents from all around the world
Spanish photographer Cristina Otero
American photographer Ron Schmidt
Japanese artist Nagai Hideyuki
Some example of artists with unique imagery that I also think to be good to ask to work f.e create templates with Prezi:
* paint mámor: http://noemimondik.tumblr.com/

(her works in paint draw up socio-cultural criticism as well)
*http://budapest.lecool.com/budapest/hu/interview/2298 - Orsi Nagy

(Le Cool's cover is always made by skilled designers - worth following)

(beautiful compositions)
*http://manzardcafe.blog.hu/2012/01/30/koran_beszippantotta_a_muveszet_szebenyi_david - Dávid Szebenyi

(running into his work at TEDXYouthBP - "street art style" templates also an idea of mine.

and Manzárdcafé's MagyArt session is also worth following for talented artists)
some classic favourites and new ones:
Eliott Erwitt
Robert Doisneau
*Vivian Maier - love her being absolutely unknown
some other lovely projects:

*Tutu project by : http://www.fubiz.net/en/2013/01/27/the-tutu-project/

*On Head by Orsi Vágner - brings out of your comfort zone

other collaboration ideas:

* dreaming big: make Prezi appear in the sitcom f.e. The Big Bang Theory

*presentations of artists in Prezi at art fairs

*in performances working with technology


*Stefano corso
*masters in Economics, at
Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Sociology and Communication

developed business skills and networking

*organized camps, events, conferences

*in the simulation camp based on Tibor Liska's economic model I was awarded for creativity

*won I. prize at Student Science Conference (TDK)

*volunteer since 2006,
participating in orientations,

*in 2012 co-organizer of a EU funded Youth in Action Project:
- organized a 9 day-long program for 34 participants from 5 countries:
logistics, accomodation, food, programs, workshops, follow-up project, EU report, reckoning

*fan of non-formal education

*intercultural skills
(Latin-American and international networks)
non-profit international organization for student exchange programs in the world
designer: Mark Shanley
Lovepie photography (special sense for nature)
f.e nature - topic template
alias BUTE

designers, photographers, performances, exhibitions
*I am curious and knowledgeable about successful visual practitioners
*cultural management

*managing Trafó Studio and all who contacted us

*organizing programs:
EDIT - International Dance Film Festival,
Demonstration of Regular Classes,
Dance Marathon,

*connecting artists:
dancers with musicians (Ernő Rubik), psycologists (Luca Hajnóczy,
poets (Márton Simon),
urbanist (Dominika Tihanyi from Újirány Csoport)
*worked in Trafó for Workshop Foundation - together with Trafó staff

*contemporary art environment -
passion, education, curiosity, connections
What I did among others:
*lot of networking
(Hungarian and international)
i always have an idea who to connect to.
or if i don't, I know who to ask.
* lived in Panama as an exchange student
with families
*learned Spanish from zero up to native speaker level
* 2006-2007 *
*lived in (and fell in love with) Lisboa, Portugal
* 2011 *
*learned portuguese
*took a photography course
held by Francesca Maiolino
*love the culture, fado, café, views of Lisbon, its inspiration, the language, the sun, the mood
*became "panamena de corazón"
my 2nd "grandfather" with Fidel Castro
*lived all the cultural shock and
*learned about different worlds, perspectives and cultural differences - the hard way
What I'm very proud of:
own photoprojects:
* photoblog:
Fun facts
Other interesting features
* ever since i know Spanish, i understand German better
*love sarcasm and wordplays

*dance and contemporary theatre-fan

*i'm literally unique

* can improvise English and Spanish lyrics singing

*love to bike and "watery places",
Star wars and Marvel movies

email: grelagi@gmail.com

telephone: +36 706269937
let me
my w rld
Designer: Nóra Rácz
Evan Robertson New York-based designer
Managerial & Contemporary
and show you

* searching and finding interesting artists and projects is my passion,
what I'm truly interested in,
cause I believe in the power of creativity
Fun facts
Extra features
*became more empathic

*good organizational, communicational, presentational skills

*freakishly good memory, and face-recognition system

*"intercultural intelligence":
being aware of the possibility of intercultural differences and being able to handle them

*fast-learner and open-minded

*idea generator

*very good connection-maker

actually if i was a logo, i'd be
invite you to
Fun facts:
I believe to have both
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