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Scott`s technical background

No description

scott zorn-fawcitt

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of Scott`s technical background

Scott Zorn-Fawcitt TEJSNR Technical
Background Gaming history 2012 In my life I have always played video games. Even now I can`t remember when I first start. One of my first consoles was the Nintendo 64.
I played Donkey Kong 64 and Super Mario 64. I also had the Playstation at the same time too. I played Banjo-Kazooie just after Banjo-Kazooie
Nuts&Bolts. Then eventually I got the Gameboy Advance SP.
During this time I got into Pokemon. So about now I was 8 and
got the Gamecube, which then got me
hooked on my first FPS, Medal of Honor. Next two years went by and I started to play Halo 2, at the age of 10. And my all time favourite Strategy
game is Age of Empires 2, The Age of Kings. Eventually I upgraded to the Nintendo DS. Then I started to play Gears of War with
my older brother. We only played campaign, on
Hardcore. However this game is one of my favourites to play. Also I have played Final Fantasy games. I am also a Call of Duty fan. And Skyrim too. And many more.... THE MMORPG CLOUD Also I have been into MMORPG. I`ve played a lot of MMORPG. Hardware experience I got into computers when I was little... I was also into Lego. In grade 7 I went to Skills Canada
for Lego Mechanics. My first computer was a Apple iMac 3g. My computer is the typical family computer. Its a PC with windows 7, and has the Intel Pentium D
CPU 3.00GHz. However it only has 3.0GB RAM. After my older brother moved out I became
the family computer wiz. So when there is a problem I have to fix it. If there`s a problem I troubleshoot, find the problem, and fix it. And I have plans to build my own custom
computer. I have also made a taser out of the parts
of a BBQ lighter. My Technical Surroundings My life is surrounded by technology. My favourite console is the PS3, because of its free online and netflix. This is my family computer, it is the dell dimension 1950 with a Pentium D and only 3.00GB RAM. I also have an xbox 360. Next I have a terrible phone with a bad service provider and a bad plan. Its the LG rumor 2. Finally I have the Ipod touch 4g, I like it
for its apps. My future plans are to go to the University of Waterloo for either mechatronics engineering or areospace engineering. Sources -Google Images

-My Mind
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