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Social Media is Your Business

Why you should jump head first into the world of social media and develop your website to its full potential. Don't think it's a fad. It's not.

Josh Walker

on 15 January 2016

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Transcript of Social Media is Your Business

Social Media Is Your Business
Your organization's online presence.
You have a brick & mortar presence.
Do you have one online?
One from which visitors can acquire useful information?
One that your organization uses to respond to your audience?
A place that you use to collect useful data and information from visitors?
An additional link in your chain of marketing efforts?
bad website.
Too much content.
Hard to navigate.
What's the point of the site?
good website.
2009 Web Marketing Association Winner for the "Home Building" category in Web Development
Yep. It's that good.
Easy to navigate.
Clean and professional.
To the point. Simple. Elegant.
Websites are an extension of your current business.
Do you have one?
Social Media
What is it?
Why use it?
Social media uses Internet and web-based technologies to transform broadcast media monologues (one-to-many) into social media dialogues (many-to-many). It supports the democratization of knowledge and information, transforming people from content consumers into content producers.
It lets you be in control of your image. It lets you listen to what others are saying about you in real time.
78% of consumers trust a peer recommendation compared to 14% trusting in traditional advertising.

Generation Y has now outnumbered Baby Boomers, and 96% of them are on a social network.

Your target demographic's age is constantly changing. The younger generation that didn't fall into that category at one time is now filling more and more of your audience. They are online. And they are talking.

How are they talking?
What are they saying?
Who, What, When, Where, Why (and How Long)
How they got to your site and what they do while there.
Google's ranking-can you ever be at the top of page 1?
Use analytics to refine your page content and SEO.
Make quick, well-informed decisions about your market, product, and customers.
Questions? Want to hear more?
Use Facebook to update your visitors and fans of new events.
Advertise to a particular demorgraphic and region.
Post pictures, video, and articles.
Get feedback from your community.
Use Twitter to get real-time feedback from your audience.
Put out breaking news about an event.
One-to-one connections with
your audience in real ime.
*graphic design
*web development
*social media
Brand Awareness
Distribute and archive information
Publish press releases and updates
Generate additional revenue via advertising
Connect with your audience and network
The tools in the bucket are the different applications.
Used together, you can really build something big.
Social media
is a
Twitter is the "thought stream" of your audience. They are
writing what they are thinking. Good or bad, they will write
about your organization. Let's make sure it's the good stuff.
Businesses can use social media to monitor what is being said about them. Use these tools to respond immediately.
Don't think that it's only for publishing information about you. It's about relationships!
Your audience is participating on a regular basis. You should be as well.
Use social media to
maintain brand
added 100,000,000 users in just 9 months
is more than just for kids.
AJ Bombers (Wisconsin)
Doubled their gross revenue in 6 months
Hit their 5 year goal in 1st year
Increased one-day gross sales by 110%
Has spent $0 on traditional advertising
Implement new ideas.
Test out new campaigns.
Using Twitter & social media, AJ Bombers:
*brand development
What is the importance of blogging?
You will increase awareness of your organization online. The more content there is that is relevant to what you do, the better.
Old news is, well, old news.
People want to know who you are and what you're up to.
Let's talk about "Google Juice"
Using a set of carefully selected keywords, you can dramatically increase your visibility online. What search terms are people using to find you? What about your competition?

Link to relevant sites using your keywords.

Get other sites to link to you using your selected keywords.
Source: Qualman, Erik. Socialnomics, 2009
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