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Jing Zhang

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of CMPE283

Team 6 Agenda Q & A Project Introduction Problem Scope Introduction Java Technologies/ Tools Used Approach - High Level Architecture Thank You! Approach Demo Chart4j - Google Chart API Expect Scripts - Automation Frameworks Large-scale statistics gathering and analysis tool in a scalable virtualized environment Team 6 Akshay Kumar<008048053>
Hitesh Patwari<>
Jing Zhang<008034078>
Pooja Goswami<004788603>
Rukmani Nellaiappan <008044530> Virtulization Technology Develop large-scale statistics gathering and analysis in scalable virtualized environments Goals * Experience with virtualized environment by managing, monitoring and testing the virtual machines.
* Collect and analyze the logs from virtual machines and ESXis to a remote client open sourced tools
such as Chukwa, and Scribe. System Design Components 1. One or more agent processes sitting at the ESXi kernel level that collect and send the monitoring data to the collector.
2. Collector process constantly polling agents. 3. Agents collecting log locally and deploying to the Collector.
4. Analysis module to process the collected data. 5. Parsers to process the collected data.
6. Visualization tool to display the parsed data. Scribe - Log Collection Framework
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