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Comparing the Creation Stories

This Prezi will be comparing the Aboriginal creation story to the creation story in Genesis.

Chloe Sheridan

on 6 November 2010

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Transcript of Comparing the Creation Stories

STORIES OF CREATION There are many theories
about how this earth of
ours was made The first creation story we're going to look
at is the creation story of Genesis. The
creation story that is cherished by many
Christian people. It's about how God made
the entire universe in six days. On the
first day ... ... he created
light and made the difference between night and day
Day 2
He made the sky Day 3
He separated
land from the sea. Day 4 he made the
sun, moon and stars And through Days 5 and 6 he created animals for the land, sea and skies and on the 6th day he
created man kind With our lives, we were also given the responsibility
to take care of everything that God had created.
We have to show STEWARDSHIP. Another theory of Creation is
an aboriginal dreamtime story bleieved by
the Indigenous Elders of Australia This story is about a spirit named Guthi-Guthi
who lived in the sky, he decided to create land
and he wanted to make the birds, the animals
and the people. Once he did this, he looked out
onto his land saw that ther was no water. He
called for help of the water serpent, Yowie.
Yowie came out and water was left in his trail.
To help out with making the streams he asked
the cod (fish) to help supply the rest of the land
with water So, what's the same and
what is different about these
stories of creation? Guthi-Guthi had helpers when he created the earth

God didn't

But they did have similarities too The creators were both beings
with higher power

They both aren't suppose to
be taken too literally.

They both made the world for people.

Both stories were based around the supernatural. So, some stories may be similar
to others and some maybe entirely
different but we can never really
say that one is wrong and be
scientifically correct. It's our faith
that determines what we believe
to be right and true. THE END We're told that it took 7
days, 6 work and 1 rest. God created absolutely
God was just thought to be
his own self We aren't told how long
creation took. Land existed, Guthi just
added water and rivers. Guthi was thought to be a
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