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Mrs. Waggoner

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of kush

The Kingdom of Kush The Kingdom Kush is located in Africa. The capital was Napata. The Kingdom of Kush existed from 2000 BC to AD 350. The people of napata went to Egypt.They learned about Egyptian gods ,The Pyramids and the Egyptian writing. Egypt was north of the city of Kerma.Egypt had great armies.The Egyptian armies attacked and conquered the city of Kerma. Egypt ruled The Kingdom of Kush for a long time.Kush wanted to be free so they attacked Egypt and conquerd Egypt for 85 years.an other kingdom ruled Egypt and kush. There was another city called meroe It was the capital of kush.The city of Meroe had plenty of rain.farmers grew a lot of crops.people there used the trees for fires and womth and to cook. The food they ate was lentils barley and mangoes.They used iron to make things poeple used iron to make things today.
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