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Tangled Thought

The Societal Implications of Hair Maintaince among African American women in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Monica Parkin

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Tangled Thought

Tangled Thought The Societal Implications of hair maintenance among African American Women in St. Petersburg, Florida. Monica Parkin Undergraduate Research Student University of South Florida, St. Petersburg Hair Food A. Hair products, especially those using food terms in the product name, i.e Hair Mayonnaise Hair Food B. Foods used in treatment for the hair or scalp avocados: for curly hair sour cream or yogurt:
for dull hair eggs: for all hair types lemon juice and olive oil: for an itchy scalp beer: for volume-less hair corn starch: for oily hair honey: for dehydrated hair Identity the beauty shop "Good hair" vs "Bad hair"
Part of cultural identity
Hair Doctors
The Beauty Shop
Display of socioeconomic status
Form of self expression Society for Applied Anthropology
Annual Meeting 2013 Racialized Beauty Promotes lighter skin and straight hair This advertisement is for a hair relaxer for young African American females. I interpreted the product name, Beautiful Beginnings, as a message encouraging young girls (in the beginning stages of their lives) to achieve beauty by straightening their hair. Of the four shown beauty queens, only one is promoting natural hair, (the first) Miss Black America (pictured in the bottom right corner) with an afro. All the others have straightened hair. The Native American Actress Acquanetta, featured on the cover of a “weekly negro magazine”, displays long straight hair and light hued skin, a desired look for many African American women. Braids (Just a few)
Styles Relaxed Afro Twists Wig Extensions Bald Pressed Up-Do Downsides Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia (CCCA)
aka "Alopecia from Traumatic Hairstyling" Early sexual development Happy with Nappy The Natural Hair Movement Special Thanks Dr. E.J Ford
Dr. Anna Dixon
Dr. Vikki Gaskin-Butler
Ms. Pat Scott
The Laurens
Me Me's Beauty Gallery
Fat Boys Beauty Supply
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Weave: http://ladyleobeauty.com/curly_weaves_by_karen
Wig: http://www.freeclothingshop.com/2011/06/29/full-lace-wigs-are-designed-for-black-women/ Follicle Bigot Introduction Methods Semi-structured interviews
Archival research
Participant observation
Watched YouTube tutorials of hair styling techniques
Analyzed poem and song lyrics
Visited beauty supply shops
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