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parliament house tour

No description

Sune Zhang

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of parliament house tour

81 metre high flagmast 48 marble-clad columns The Tour Of Parliament House Welcome To 32 by 32 hectares of land(birds eye view of Parliament House) The forecourt mosaic dot style painting, estimated 90, 000 hand guillotined granite pieces of 7 different colours. represents possum and wallaby dreaming This is the tapestry of Parliament located in the Great Hall, it is an area representing a eucalyptus forest. It took 13 weavers to finish this
20 x 9 metres of tapestry. VIC Premier: Ted Baillieu QLD Premier: Campbell Newman TAS Premier: Lara Giddings WA Premier: Colin Barnett NT Premier: Paul Henderson Current Leaders NSW Premier: Barry O'Farrell Some facts of Parliament House It has Prime Minister: Julia Gillard Opposition Leader: Tony Abbott SA Premier: Jay Weatherill This is the Senate, the upper chamber of Parliament.
Their role is to also Debate and Pass Laws to the Governor General to sign. There are a total of 76 members in the Senate. Approxiamtely 1400 rooms and 2700 clocks The construction of the new Parliament House started in 1981 and finished in 1988. The building cost about $1.1billion and was designed by Romaldo Giurgola.
The floor plan is 250,000m². A By §©ott, J@y ãnd Teren©e Old Parliament House cost approximately 600,000 Pounds (1.5 Million Dollars) to build. Construction began on May 9th 1927. This is The House of Representatives the Lower Camber of Parliament House In the House of Representatives there is 150 members in the chamber including in the Prime Minister and the Opposition leader. Their role is to debate and pass laws to the senate. Old Parliament House Tour Of Parliament House The Portriat Gallery is a hallway with portriats of previous prime ministers from 1901-2012 Edmund Barton 1901-1903 Thank you for listening Treasurer: Wayne Swan please come again. The role of a premier is to lead the state government.
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