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anna flood

on 19 September 2015

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What people look for in a job
Millennials entering the workforce are
looking for more than just money and fair hours when they look for a job. They are
searching for a job they believe would be
worthwhile and a job that offers
opportunity for career progression.
Loyalty to the same job
Millennials in the workforce are always growing and evolving. They are less likely to stick with the same job for a long period of time. Only 18% of millennials plan to stay in their current role for the long term. This mentality is much different than the ideas of the previous generations. Many of the older people in the workforce today have held the same job for multiple years.
Work/life balance
It is very important to millennials
that the job they hold allows them to have a life
outside of working. This includes having a social
life, being able to exercise, and having free time. 95% of millennials say that work/life balance is important to them. The previous generations would probably respond to this question very differently saying that work and family were their
top priorities. As long as the money was coming
in, they were not bothered by the long work
In late 2008, 75% of those questioned said that they thought they would have between two and five employers during their working lives. Today, the proportion stands at 54%, with a quarter of respondents expecting to have six or more.
41% of people in the workforce say they prefer to communicate electronically at work than face to face or even over the telephone. Millennials routinely make use of their own technology at work and three-quarters believe that access to technology makes them more effective at work.
Technology has greatly impacted the workforce. Millennials grew up having electronics as part of their everyday lives and are able to more easily apply technology into their work. Having employees who can efficiently work with technology is a huge benefit in today's technology-dependent world. Companies need employees who can reach out to clients and customers over technology. In addition, good advertising and media relations are very influential factors in success of a company.
Anna Flood Period 5
My Thoughts
I think that the change in the workforce has to do greatly with the work ethic and ideas of millennials. I think the way the millennial generation was raised and the culture of technology has shaped their work and the workforce. Millennials are the future and I think that, for the most part, we are in smart, good hands.


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