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Healthy Living

No description

Zoey Dee

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Healthy Living

How Balanced was your wellness wheel at the beginning of the unit and how has it changed? My wellness wheel was very unbalanced before, I had a good balance in the financial, environmental, social and cultural parts of the wheel, the same can not be said for the emotional, spiritual, physical Career and academic parts. It hasn't changed much at all, but I think I can say I have gained even more balance in the social and cultural part, My friendships have become stronger because we have dealt with more of each others problems together then we have ever before. My physical has gone down significantly, I am unable to gain the amount of sleep I need, Which effects my performance at school. Nothing else has changed other then that. How healthy are your relationships? Why is it important to surround yourself with a supportive social network? What effect do your relationships have on your wellness wheel? Zoephina Neagle Healthy Living How on track are you to achieving your career and educational goals? What plans or strategies are in place to achieve these goals? I have been making plans to go to Post-secondary, and have kept up to date with their website, considering that the requirements are always changing. I will also be applying for a job this summer, so I can start to save for the tuition. I am planning to go to an art based school, because I feel like that is what I should be doing, because I have a very strong ability in that area. I am also looking towards a musical school, because I have a growing talent for music, and I love to create and learn new music. I am currently looking for a school that is like that. How financially well are you? How well balanced is my diet? What am I doing well? What could I do better? What areas of my wellness wheel are affected when my nutrition is not at its best? I am getting a good amount of sleep, but I have a very disrupted sleeping pattern. say I get ten hours of sleep, which I do. I will probably only get half that because i sleep restlessly, and when I wake up I am in pain, because I sleep in positions that are not very good for me. Are you getting the recommended amounts of physical activity, sleep and rest? How are you at conflict management? What do you do well? What could you do better? How does conflict affect the balance of your wellness wheel? How do you manage stress? How does stress affect your wellness wheel? What strategies do you use to make decisions? What else have I learned? I handle the little finances I have as well as I can. I put most of it aside for the things I need and what I have left, I use for leisurely purposes. If I have everything that I need for that month already I put that money into a savings jar, My relationships are very good ones, I have many good friends who support me, and I support them to the best of my ability. I believe that it is important for us to keep in touch. Because if we have too tell each other about the work we had in school that day. or if we just want to hang out. social networking helps us keep in touch. it also shows more about them too. but this information can be violated, and relationships can become poisonous quickly. it is important that we surround ourselves with supportive social networking because if it is unsupportive it can destroy friendships. My relationships are very important to my wellness wheel, without them my wellness wheel would be very unhealthy. I am able to handle conflict with a profound amount of patience. I can listen to people constantly argue with me. I can then listen to what they have to say then reply with a calmness, and be able to tell them that I don't want to argue with them. This, I would think would be under the social and Cultural. and because I am doing very good in this area, and have been improving in this area, all i can do is go up from here. I wouldn't say this is a real area of concern for me. In order to make decisions I make a list in my head of all the ways this choice could possibly benefit me, I also look for the ways it could negativity effect me. then based on the list I have made, I make my decision. I use this method for bigger decisions. for the smaller choices I need to make, like weather to sleep in later, take the bus or get a ride with a friend, or whether or not to eat breakfast or not. i usually think of the long term effects. I also just make snap decisions without thinking. I think that I need to fix this habit because it leads me in places that I wouldn't have been if I had made that snap choice. Because usually the snap decisions that have to be made, are only made in a few seconds I could ask myself, is this a good choice or a bad one? then based on that I can decide. I don't really think I could be doing anything better with my nutrition. My dad has a liver problem, so he has changed our entire diet. which turned it into the healthiest that you can get it. we drink almond milk, eat plenty fruits and vegetables. we go to organic stores for other things we might need to help with his diet, like a certain type of cereal. When I hardly eat anything, especially after I've ad a bad sleep and then I have to go to school, I am unable to focus because we have been told by doctors that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it starts your brain working and gives you energy. If I don't get that breakfast which gives me energy, I will not be able to preform to the best of my ability. I have learned that I need to eat more. What I mean by that is I don't eat breakfast or lunch, because when I do I start to feel really sick. I figured out that by eating I gain more energy. even if its a little piece of fruit it defiantly helps me through the day. my friends have realized that I have been doing this, and they have helped me gain a habit of eating more, and I'm starting to not feel as sick, they told me that if I eat food my grades will improve and I'll be able too focus. I have learned that my friends a key part to my learning and my well being. if I have them around they help me with staying on the right road.
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