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Sebastian Boserup

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Brazil

Brazil By: Sebastian Boserup February 4 / 2013 Brazil Map The Meaning of Brazil's Flag The green color represents the Brazilian fields. The yellow diamond represents Brazilian gold. The blue represents the sky of Rio de Janeiro on the night of November 15th 1889 and each star represents one of the Brazilian States.
The white strip contains the description "Ordem e Progresso", meaning "Order and Progress". Brazil's surrounding countries are Venezuela,Columbia,Peru,Bolivia,Paraguay,Argentina and Uruguay. Brazil has a very significant location because of
the rainforest called the Amazon Rainforest. Some people call the Amazon Rainforest the "lungs of the world." The trees and other plants give off oxygen. People and animals need oxygen to breath. The rainforest breathes out more than 20 percent of the world's oxygen supply. Geography This is a picture of the Amazon river surrounded by the Amazon Rainforest. This picture shows the vegetation in Brazil. The Amazon River is about 6280km long. The Amazon River is the world's second longest river. Only the Nile, in Africa, is longer. The Amazon however, at any one point in time has the highest amount of water flowing down it. No other river even comes close. It may not be the longest, but it is the widest. Much of Brazil's climate is tropical, with the south being relatively temperate. The largest river in Brazil, and one of the longest in the world, is the Amazon. The rainforest that covers the Amazon Basin constitutes almost half of the rainforests on Earth. Summary of Brazil's Land This is a picture of Brazil's physical geography Iquazu waterfall is one of Brazil's natural wonders. In terms of surface water flowing over the falls, Iguazu Falls is more than twice as large as Niagara Falls. Iquazu means " big water ". Iquazu falls is 2700 meters wide. Niagara falls is 323 meters wide. So Iquazu Falls is way bigger. Iquazu Niagara Fall's Culture Sport Brazil's national sport is soccer.
Soccer is an important part of Brazil's culture
just like Hockey is for Canada. Brazil has won
the World Cup more than any other country. Dance and Slavery Today dance is a important part of Brazil culture and has roots back to the slavery. The majority of all slaves who were taken out of Africa were sent to Brazil. The
slaves were not allowed weapons so they developed a dance disguised as a martial arts.

Capoeira combined elements of dance and music into a powerful marshal art. It was used by generations of African slaves and poor Brazilians native to stay strong and fight back against the people how tried to benefit from slavery. Holidays Many of the holidays are similar to the ones in Canada because they are based on the Christian Religion. But I think that two of them stands out.

Carnival is the most famous holiday in Brazil and has become a very big event known all around the world. The country stops completely for almost a week and festivities are intense, day and night, mainly in coastal cities.

Nov 2: Day of the Dead. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. This is a picture of Capoeira / Ache Brasil This is a picture of the huge carnival's that Brazil host every year This is a picture of Brazil celebrating there World Cup victory. Standard of Living These are pictures of houses, cities and villages in Brazil These are pictures of houses, cities and villages in Canada As you can tell Brazil have a much different standard of living than Canada. Canada use about 7.9 times more electricity and make about 3.8 times more money. Brazil has population of about 194,000,000 and Canada's population is about 33,000,000 .But keep in mind that Brazil also have many nice houses, cars, and things like that. GDP is a measurement of a country's total economy. And it shows that Brazil's economy is larger than Canada's. Brazil is ranked 6 and Canada is ranked 11. But this chart is from 2009-2011 so it probably changed Economy GDP Major Industries Brazil's major industries are
car and air plane manufacturing
and oil and gas. This plane is manufactured by the Brazilian company called Embraer. This is a picture of the
land oil pump in Brazil
made by Petrobras.
Petrobras is also the 4th
largest company in the
world This is the money Brazil use. They
are called Reals. 100 Brazilian Real = 50.93 Canadian Dollar Tourism . One of the places I want to go visit in Brazil is the big statue in Rio De Janario called Christ The Redeemer. The entire monument of Christ the Redeemer is 38 meters tall. The span of his arms from fingertip to fingertip is 28 meters. The activity that I really want to is
go too the World Cup Final in 2014.
I would like to do this because I
want to experience the atmosphere
and also too watch the best players in
the world. PS: I hope Denmark is in the Final. The last thing I would like to do is go
too the big carnival. It would be a cool
thing to do because you can see bright
lights and awesome dances with huge
balloons and fireworks. Thank You For Watching My Prezi
On Brazil
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