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Carol Bain

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Values and Principles
Unit Outline
Investigate how care services meet the needs of individuals
1. Describe needs of individuals using care services.
2. Describe the skills and qualities a care worker could use to meet needs.
3. Identify and describe basic features of positive care practice including values and principles.
4. Identify and describe care services and explain how they meet needs.
How would
like to be assessed?
A Poster
A booklet
A leaflet
A power point

YOU decide

What is Care?

Values and Principles in Care

Activity 2.

Values and Principles in Care

Activity 1.

Met needs

Values and Principles in Care

Unmet needs


Values and Principles in Care

Secure attachments
Love and affection
Feeling of belonging and acceptance
Encouragement, praise and recognition
The need for new experiences
The need for praise and recognition
The need for responsibility

Mia Kelmer Pringle – Needs of Children

Values and Principles in Care

Values and Principles in Care

Values and Principles in Care

Self Identity Choices
Goal setting skills
Creative skills
Encouraging Skills
Listening Skills

Values and Principles in Care

Nettie is 80, she lives alone on the outskirts of town.
She is recovering from breaking her leg. She has lost confidence and finds it hard to care for herself. Prior to her accident she used to spend a lot of time visiting her ‘less able friends’ most of whom stay in the town.

What needs are no longer being met for Nettie?
John is 42, has learning difficulties, lives with his parents, attends a day center five days a week
and goes with members from the center on a Saturday to watch the local football team.

What needs are being met in Johns daily life?
What is a Need?
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