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Mandy Dudte

Math project

Mrs Feeney

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Mandy Dudte

By: Mandy Dudte What I learned from Stocks for Aeropostale and Target... Period-5 Founded by Pierre-Georges late'coere' In 1987 Founded By George Dayton In 1902 It sells clothes, accessories, and cosmetics Stock symbol is ARO President is Mindy C. Mead CEO is Julian Geiger and Elizabeth Duke There are 94 other locations Headquarters are located in New York City In each store there usually is 3,639 workers If you work there, you make $6.50-$9.00/per hour Exchanges with the New York Stock exchange! Sells grocery items,clothes, games, electronics, etc. President is Terrance J. Scully The CEO is Gregg Steinhafel Headquarters are in Minneapolis, MN. Other locations are downtown aeras, Minnapolis, and malls. Oririnally names dayton Dry Goods. Makes $18.00/hour About 500 people per store I chose both of these stores to do my stocks on because I love to shop at both of these places. My profit for Aeropostale is -$305.76 My profit for Target is $677.18 Summary for Aeropostale:
I lost a lot of money. I ended up
into the negatives. Which means that
I didnt make any money during this
project. Summary for Target:
I made a ton of money.
In real life, I would like
to actually buy Target
because I made money! What would I cahange about the project? If I could change something I would pick a different company to do stocks on. What I liked about the project.. The main reason why I liked doing this project was because it was fun. It really got me to understand profit/loss and investing. Advice about investing..
Make smart decisions about what company you chose. Also, do a lot of reasearch about that company that you chose.
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