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No description

Siena Ianni-Palarchio

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of SPACE.............

Astronauts have to adapt to changes in their diet. For example, food is dried and dehydrated. You warm it up with hot water. Some examples of food in space would be:
-freeze dried ice cream
-freeze dried assorted fruits
-freeze dried peas
-freeze dried candy coated peanuts. They dispose of the food packaging in a trash compacter under the shuttle floor!
Space crafts have pressurized cabins and they cause astronauts to feel weightless in space. They have to strap themselves down or to the wall to avoid floating up and hitting your head. It takes approx 24 hours to ajust to sleep in space.
washing up in space can be a challenge. Astronauts take showers in long cylinder enclosed in plastic to prevent water from floating away. they spray them selves with a nozzle. And they use a vacuum hose to dry off. they change there shirts, socks and underwear every two days and there paints ones a week.

with out exercise in space astronauts will have lose in muscle mass and in bone density. they should exercise for a minimum of two hours a day. some of there exercise equipment are the cycle ergometer and it is similar to a stationary bike. Treadmills they use bungee harnesses so they don't float away. the A.R.E.D which is basically a bar or cable that is 600 lbs on earth to practice lifting weights. THey are easy to lift since there is little gravity in space
Next time i'll bring
a hair tie
Turn off the light!
Shanks for Watching
MOST ASTRONOUTS DON'T Have much time to play games because the are busy with science experiments and repairs but when they do surprisingly an activity of fun is looking out the window and looking at earth from a distance and looking at space since it is a rare occurrence people can experience. We have decided fun thing we would do in space are a pool, a puzzle, play with their high tech computors, meat, a ball and just enjoy the zero gravity and do flips.
If you want some free ice cream than flip your hair.
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