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The RISE and FALL of the Maura,Gupta,and the Ashoka Empire

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Matthew Vasquez

on 3 September 2012

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Transcript of The RISE and FALL of the Maura,Gupta,and the Ashoka Empire

~The Rise and Fall of the Empires~ The Mauryan Empire was the first major empire in the history of India and existed from around 324 BC to 185 BC. It was ruled by the Mauryan dynasty and was one of the was the largest and most powerful political and military empires of ancient India. Asoka,Grandson of former ruler Chandragupta became ruler in 270 BC. causing the rise of the Mauryan Empire, unfortunately his death was the cause of the crumble of the Empire. The Gupta Empire was an ancient Indian empire which existed from approximately 320 to 550 CE and covered much of the Indian Subcontinent. Founded by Maharaja Sr Gupta, the dynasty was the model of a classical civilization. Gupta Empire Mauryan Empire Chandragupta II was the third ruler of the Gupta Empire of India. He reigned when the Gupta dynasty reached its zenith of power. His death cause the down fall of the empire
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