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UCSD (Archived)

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Marc Zawel

on 16 April 2018

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Transcript of UCSD (Archived)

AcceptU is an admissions counseling group comprised entirely of former graduate admissions officers.

Our counselors provide 1-on-1 virtual support (by phone, Skype & email) on all aspects of the graduate admissions process, including pre-application planning, school list, application strategy, statements of purpose, letters of recommendation, interview preparation, résumé and application review.

More than 90% of AcceptU clients have been accepted to one of their top three choices.
Applying to Graduate School
Debby Bryan
Indrani Stangl

An introduction to AcceptU
Our counselors
AcceptU’s counselors are former graduate admissions officers from 15 selective universities.

Collectively, we have 100 years of graduate admissions experience and have evaluated thousands of applications, putting us in a unique position to provide the inside knowledge and guidance that applicants need to differentiate themselves and get admitted.
Today's Speakers
Benefits of a graduate degree
Overview of graduate degrees
What graduate degree is best for you
Who reads graduate applications
Key elements
Admissions timeline
Benefits of a graduate degree
Graduate degree demonstrates persistence, dedication and mastery of a subject
Career advancement, higher salary
Opportunity to build professional network
Future leadership opportunities
Overview of graduate degrees


Ph.D., Ed.D.

Which degree is right for you?
Consider your interests, field, motivation for advancing studies and career goals

Talk to admissions counselors, faculty advisers & students who have completed graduate programs

Know what suits you both academically & personally

Consider applying to a mix of programs; many universities call the same degree by different names

Applying requires time, energy & resources
Case study 1: Harvard
MA in Arts Management
3.7 GPA, Media Studies major & Art History minor from UC Berkeley
GRE Q166, V164, AW5.0
Two year-long undergraduate research projects; three relevant summer positions
Admitted to Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, Penn, Columbia, LSE, Northwestern, U Chicago, NYU
Case study 2: Columbia
MS in Operations Research
3.91 GPA, Mathematics/Business major, concentration in Finance at Northeastern U
GRE Q168, V158, AW 3.5
Two internships in finance; extracurricular activity involvement in finance, investment and math clubs; interested in photography
Admitted to Johns Hopkins (MSF), Columbia (MSOR)
Case study 3: NYU
MS in Chemical engineering
3.4 GPA, Biochemistry major at UMass-Boston
GRE Q163, V141, AW 3.0
Three internships in science; extracurricular activity involvement as a science tutor; laboratory work at his university
Admitted to NYU, Florida, George Washington
Key elements of grad apps
Transcripts, university reputation, GPA
Application essays/personal statement and supplemental essays
Letters of recommendation
Interview, if required
Admissions timeline
Junior year
Begin initial school search & talk to your professors
Study for standardized testing

Summer for rising seniors
Study for standardized testing
Identify LOR writers
Create résumé draft
Schedule a 30 minute complimentary phone/Skype admissions consultation.

Receive personalized advice about applying to graduate school.
Email: info@acceptu.com
Phone: 855-437-8252
Debby Bryan is the Managing Director of China Programs at AcceptU. She has nine years of experience in graduate admissions at Stanford University. At Stanford, Debby worked in the Office of Graduate Admissions, the School of Engineering and the Graduate School of Education. Debby also has undergraduate admissions experience from Concordia University in Canada, where she received a BA.
Senior year
Complete standardized tests
Write & complete essays/résumé
Ask faculty for LORs
Contact faculty at schools of interest (for research degrees)
Determine deadlines for submitting applications
Apply 2 - 4 weeks ahead of deadlines, if possible
Admissions timeline continued
Who reads graduate applications
Professional schools (e.g., business, law, education, social work)
Full-time administrators, typically with an Ed.M.
At some universities, faculty also participate in admissions decisions

Graduate research degrees (MA, MS, Ph.D.)
Professors selecting students whom they will teach and/or supervise in research
Often an administrative professional (graduate program administrator) will provide a first-round reading of all applications

Indrani Stangl is a senior counselor at AcceptU. She has more than fifteen years of graduate admissions experience at Stanford University in the School of Engineering, Law School and School of Education. She also has several years of experience as a career counselor in the Silicon Valley. Previously, Indrani was a graduate admissions counselor with AcceptU, working primarily with international students. She earned her BA from Occidental College and her MA from Santa Clara University.
Schedule a 30 minute complimentary phone/video admissions consultation

Receive personalized advice about applying to graduate school
Email: info@acceptu.com
Phone: 855-437-8252
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