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The Bear Boy

its about his father spent time with and did not teach him how to be a man or wrestle.

joseph fonville

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of The Bear Boy

The Bear Boy By: Joseph Bruchac By: Malik and Joseph 1. his wife died Kuo-Haya leaves the village because his father did
not spend time with him. When he comes home to the village one morning he kept calling him three times Kuo-Ha ya,Kuo-Haya,KUO-HAYA!. Exposition Setting: It takes place when he leaves the Pueblo village,and lives in a cave with bears. Conflict: When his father ignores him and does not help him become man. Characters: Kuo-Haya, Kuo-Haya's father,Medicine man, Motherbear,and the Cubs Characters Traits
Kuo-Haya: He was a timid boy who was twelve years old.
The Father: He was upset because his wife died. He kept to himself.
Medicine Man: The Medicine man was helpful and wise.
Mother bear: She was caring. Rising Action 6. But his father did not treat him well in his heart. Climax It's when Kuo-Haya leaves the pueblo village 4.The Medicine Man told Kuo-Haya's Father to get your son back. 7. His father tried to find him. 8. and tired to bring him home 2. His father ignored Kuo-Haya and did not teach him how to wrestle. 5. His son was so mad at him for not spending time with him. His father is still looking for him. Falling Action 3.His father ignores him to not teach him how to be a man 3. But his father has neglected Resolution The Mother Bear who taught him how to wrestle Resolution 2. His father ignore him for not spending time with him. The End
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