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Awesome Canada!

No description

Kate Munday

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Awesome Canada!

Did you know Canada is known for there huge forests and fishing grounds. Many species of animals live there and there are deposits of valuable minerals.
How do canadian people get around!
Did you know facts!
these are some houses that canadian people live in. And some hotels which is awesome:)
Houses in Canada!
Here is a video of Canadian dancing that i am going to show you!
Canadian Dancing!!!
Canada is the second largest country.
Many people in Canada make a living by farming fishing and foresting. Most Canadians work in the City's and the towns in the South. Some work in offices, stores or banks. Others fix roads,build houses. Or work in factories. And some are teachers,nurses,doctors,lawyers or scientists.
The recorded population of Canada is 33,476,688.
Introduction Canada
Awesome Canada!
thank you for watching:)
location: Northern North America, boarded in the North Atlantic Ocean on the East, North Pacific Ocean on the West, and the arctic Ocean on the North, North of the continental US
world global issues connections to Canada
Did you know that kids starve more than adults in Canada
human environmental interaction
Canada's economy is great and Canada is fairly rich so no problem:)
the canadians were involved in the 2001 afghanistan war. About 110,000 Canadians died in the 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 wars:(
Canada is very protective and respectful to their environment. Some environmental problems are air pollution resulting in acid rain which is harming there lakes, forests and wildlife. Canada is very famous for there landscapes.
Canada is located right her
Canada's money
Canada's culture
Capital: Ottawa
Roman Catholic 42.6%, Protestant 23.3% (including United Church 9.5%, Anglican 6.8%, Baptist 2.4%, Lutheran 2%), other Christian 4.4%, Muslim 1.9%, other and unspecified 11.8%, none 16% (2001 census)
A lot of canadians love sports and art.
A lot of Canadians go on diets. A lot of canadians love fish, cheese, yoghourt, toast and veg and fruit.
i think Canada is a nice place to visit because there is nice weather and nice landscapes and wildlife nice hotels lots of places for kids to visit. but make shore you come at the right time because there can be storms and floods.
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